kevin hart quvenzhane wallis saturday night live BET Awards 2013: Quvenzhane Wallis calls out Kevin Hart for 'Saturday Night Live' sketchRemember back in March when Kevin Hart hosted “Saturday Night Live” and did a sketch where he pretended to be Quvenzhane Wallis? Well, so does the young “Beasts of the Southern Wild” star. 

Pint-sized Wallis was a nominee at the 2013 BET Awards, and she and Hart had a brief skit where she called him out on his “SNL” sketch. “We got beef,” she told Hart, to which he responded that there’s no way she could have beef with him. That didn’t go over well with Wallis. “Ain’t nobody playing with you, Mini-Me,” she gibed before kicking him in the leg. It looks like her character Hush Puppy isn’t the only one who’s full of spunk.
In the “SNL” episode, Hart’s sketch pretended that 9-year-old Wallis had been named the next Pope. How did Hart’s version of Wallis celebrate? By doing her signature fist pump and saying, “Who da man? I’m da man!” of course. At the time, we called it Hart’s best sketch of the night, and still stand by that assessment.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz