melissa peterman bet on your baby abc 325 'Bet on Your Baby': George Clooney prank calls and forbidden cucpakes fuel ABC prank show

A prank call to George Clooney and a forbidden cupcake on a toy car make for pretty gentle gags, which are the basis of ABC’s “Bet on Your Baby,” premiering Saturday, April 13.
Host Melissa Peterman says once on set with toddlers and their parents, she realized how much fun it could be.
“There are a bunch of different games, and what I like about it is the kids have no idea they are being involved,” Peterman tells Zap2it. “They are just being toddlers.”
In one challenge, a dad told his son to hold a ball “no matter what” and explained he would be right back.

“A remote control car comes in with a cupcake on it,” Peterman says. “That’s kid kryptonite.

We are all watching this happen, [thinking] ‘Of course he is going to drop it.’ This sweet little boy puts his foot out in front of the car and says, ‘No, get back.’ He did what his dad told him. It is so sweet to watch.”
Peterman, a mom, knows how to have a little fun with the kids, and in one segment has them make pretend prank calls.

One is to Barbara Walters, telling her to invite Peterman on set. Another is to George Clooney and she tells the child to say, “You were a fool to never have loved Melissa.”
Peterman had just finished another season of “Baby Daddy” and has another new show, “Dancing Fools,” both on ABC Family on May 29.
She’s also been working on her stand-up act and did a couple of shows in the fall.
“They went very well,” Peterman says. “But there is always that Catch-22 – you like to have people you know in the audience. [They say] ‘Oh, you are so funny!’ Then you come to work Monday and discover the audience was stacked.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler