Ashton Kutcher and the logo for MTV's Punk'dBET is bringing back the best prank show of the ’00s: “Punk’d.” Arevival of the series is one of seven new projects the network has picked up.

The new version of “Punk’d” will include a look behind the scenes at how the pranks are pulled off, and cater more to the BET audience. No word on whether original creator and host Ashton Kutcher will be back, or whether a new celebrity or celebrities will fill his shoes.
MTV originally ran “Punk’d” from 2003 to 2007, and brought the show back for a one-off special in 2012. Kutcher’s elaborate pranks on his celebrity friends catapulted the word “punk’d” into the pop culture lexicon, and the series left its stamp on the generation who grew up watching it.
In honor of the franchise being brought back to life, here’s a look back at the best pranks Kutcher and his “Punk’d” team pulled off. Click on the links to watch the videos.
The very best of all “Punk’d” hoaxes was when Kutcher convinced Justin Timberlake his house had been repossessed by the IRS. He cried. He called his mother. He was totally fooled. Even Timberlake said it was the best prank he’d ever seen. Bonus points for no one knowing who Dax Shepard was back then.
Beyonce handled her prank like a true champ, even though Kutcher and his team made it seem like she knocked over a massive Christmas tree and ruined the holiday for a bunch of young children. No wonder she’s turned into Queen Bey in the years since.
Unlike Beyonce, Kanye West did a terrible job handling his hoax. He not only was a total jerk to LAFC officers, taunting them by saying, “We can walk wherever we want,” but he also was on the brink of getting into a fight.
Here’s a sign of how much time has passed since “Punk’d” was still on the air: McG pranked Katie Holmes back when she was still filming “Pieces of April.” Bonus points for the karma of Kutcher saying, “Let me tell you about cheating on your girlfriend from a perspective of a guy who’s never done it.” Yes, times certainly have changed.
Zach Braff punches a 12-year-old
“Scrubs” star Zach Braff was actually so violent against a kid when he was pranked that a portion of the sequence had to be cut. Kutcher made it seem like a 12-year-old graffitied Braff’s brand new Porsche, and the actor got so upset that he started hitting the person. According to him, it was so dark that Braff didn’t realize the age of the offender.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz