better call saul details bob odenkirk amc 'Better Call Saul' scoop: 'Breaking Bad' prequel may jump around in timeWhile it’s been revealed the upcoming “Breaking Bad” spinoff “Better Call Saul” will take place before the events of its parent series, creator Vince Gilligan admits the show will likely play around with time.

“We think, by and large, this show will be a prequel, but the wonderful thing about the fractured chronology we employed on ‘Breaking Bad’ for many years is the audience will not be thrown by us jumping around in time,” Gilligan tells EW of the series that will center around Bob Odenkirk‘s morally questionable attorney Saul Goodman. “So it’s possible that we may indeed do that, and we’ll see the past and perhaps the future.”

With that in mind, the natural question is which other familiar faces might pop up in the spinoff? While Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have already said they’d like to make guest appearances, Gilligan says he has his sights set on a fan-favorite. “The character that springs to mind would be Mike (Jonathan Banks),” he admits. “That would be a great deal of fun. I would say the sky’s the limit, at least theoretically speaking.” He does concede, however, that the high profiles the talented cast of “Breaking Bad’ earned during the show’s run may make it difficult to snag them for guest spots. “That is a high-class problem that we will have to contend with as we go forward with ‘Better Call Saul,’ if we do indeed want to touch base with some of these characters.”

First, though, Gilligan and co-creator Peter Gould hope to tackle a bigger problem: Saul Goodman’s “happy-go-lucky” nature which “makes for tricky drama.” “When I say drama, even in a comedy, you want drama, you want tension and conflict, and a character that at heart seems at peace with himself is intrinsically undramatic,” he says. “So we’ve been thinking about how to address that issue.”

Who would you love to see pop up in “Better Call Saul”?

Posted by:Billy Nilles