The Betty White prank show, “Off Their Rockers,” has been canceled by NBC at the end of its Season 2. Steadily declining ratings are most likely to blame for the show’s demise. The Hollywood Reporter first reported the cancellation.

“Off Their Rockers” is a candid-camera style show in which elderly people play pranks on younger people. Considering the popularity of hidden camera shows over the years and the silliness of using old people as the immature pranksters, the show brought a bit of harmless fun to the NBC schedule. Betty White’s hosting didn’t hurt anything either.

Originally aired in conjunction with the Betty White birthday special in the spring of 2012, “Off Their Rockers” started out with an incredible 12 million total viewers. NBC often used the show to plug programming holes, but the first season was still strong enough for a renewal. Numbers did begin to decline sharply in the second season, although the Season 2 finale (guest-starring Ed Asner) showed a bump in the upward direction.

That final episode aired on Tuesday (July 9). Now, it seems, there will be no more. At least Betty White still has “Hot in Cleveland” over on TV Land! That should be enough for an actress in her 90s.

Posted by:Laurel Brown