beyonce unflattering photo bans photographers Beyonce bans photographers from 'Mrs. Carter Show' tour to solve unflattering photos problem

So, remember that small matter of some majorly unflattering photos Beyonce‘s publicist tried to have removed from the internet after her Super Bowl XLVII halftime performance?
Well, Team Beyonce has set about to solve that issue by banning photographers from her “Mrs. Carter Show” world tour. According to a report by Jezebel, the photos from Bey’s concert stops being released through news agencies are select pre-approved images snapped by a photographer hired by Bey’s team
Some photo agencies have reportedly resorted to buying amateur photos taken by concert attendees, but those are hard to come by considering concert guests are expressly prohibited from bringing cameras or recording devices into the venues.
So it looks like the only photos we’ll get to see of Beyonce’s weird glittery nipple costume are the ones she chooses to let us see. Guess you’ll have to buy a concert ticket if you want to see more.
Posted by:mchance