blue ivy face beyonce pic photo tumblr Beyonce did not bring Blue Ivy Carter on stage: Fan's child confused for BlueThe internet is currently abuzz with news that Beyonce brought her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, on stage with her at a concert at at London’s O2 arena. The only problem is… it wasn’t Blue Ivy at all.

Sources confirm to Zap2it that the little girl who joined Beyonce on stage during her performance of “Irreplaceable” wasn’t Blue Ivy, but a lucky fan, brought to the show by a concert-goer.

The little girl was wearing a white dress and big yellow headphones to protect her ears from the din of the crowd. She danced on stage and held Beyonce’s hand before being safely returned to her family in the crowd.

That doesn’t mean Beyonce isn’t excited to share her work with her daughter. In fact, her role in the upcoming animated film “Epic” is dedicated to Blue Ivy. “You know I was honored when they asked for me to do this role and I was
actually pregnant at the time,” she tells ABC News. “And I thought, you know,
by the time this comes out my daughter will understand it’s my voice,
and what an incredible, cool point. It’s a beautiful role and it has so
much depth. It’s so emotional. I was crying when I did the voiceover.
And it was the first thing I did after giving birth.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie