beyonce run world grab Beyonce Knowles shocks kids in Harlem, continues to run the worldIn May, Beyonc� stopped by a school in Harlem to surprise a group of teenagers who had learned the choreography of her song “Move Your Body” in their gym. On Friday, the singer was at it again, stopping by a Target store in Harlem to surprise kids on the anniversary of the store’s opening in support of the local Boys and Girls Club.

The kids were performing a dance to Beyonc�’s new song, “Countdown,” when she suddenly joined them on stage. They were shocked, of course, but the show must go on. The performance, hosted by B’s choreographer Frank Gatson, continued… after a pause for a hug, of course.

Earlier in the day, she had made an appearance on “Good Morning America,” where she discussed the new film she’s doing with Clint Eastwood. “Clint Eastwood. Can you believe that? I can’t believe it still,” Beyonc� said. “I know when I met with him I was just in awe. I am so, so honored that he believes in me and I can’t wait to do this film. I represent this generation’s talent and for me to be the chosen person — as an African American woman — is incredible!”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie