beyonce album show off her body Beyonce wanted to show off her post baby bump body on 'Visual Album'

Beyonce is giving a little bit of insight on that surprise album she dropped on everybody and the planning that went on is pretty extensive. In a video that aired on “Good Morning America,” she says step one was figuring out who to collaborate with.
“I had a grand idea to invite all the writers I respected to the Hamptons,” she remembers. “We had dinners together, my family was there and I was breastfeeding with corn rows in my hair.” Beyonce was able to get names like Sia Furler, The-Dream and Hit-Boy, among many others, to attend the getaway and work on the album, as well as her husband Jay Z
Most of her day included typical mom duties, but she always had a few hours set aside to record. “In real life I was this woman, a mother, trying to get my focus and my dreams and myself back,” Beyonce says. “And recording this album was such an outlet for me to escape and create whatever world and fantasy was definitely at the time not happening.”
As for the visual aspect of the album, which included 17 different videos, Beyonce was proud of the work she did post-baby to get her figure back and was ready to display it for the world. “I was 195 pounds when I gave birth,” she says. “I wanted to show that you can have a child and you can work hard and you can get your body back.”

The hard work making the album definitely paid off for Beyonce, as the self-titled project has received rave reviews from critics and sold 617,000 in its first three days of release.
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