beyonce hair stuck in fan Beyonce's hair got stuck in a fan during a performance, she didn't miss a beat

As a chart-topping, internationally-loved pop star, you have to get used to dealing with the little technical glitches that are unavoidable when it comes to performing a big-scale concert. Beyonce, who is in the middle of her “Mrs. Carter Show” world tour, was reminded of that in a big way on Monday night in Montreal.

Unfortunately for Bey, things got a little hairy when her mane got stuck in a giant fan behind her while she was performing her Grammy Award-winning single “Halo” … in front of 21,000 people. And unfortunately for her (but oh-so-great for everyone else in the world), the entire incident was caught on camera.

Of course, Beyonce handled the whole situation like the professional performer she is, and instead of halting the concert, she just sang her way through it. Major props for being able to concentrate on the lyrics while your head is attached to a giant death trap of spinning blades … 

While Beyonce held her own during the debacle, it’s still pretty entertaining to watch her sitting on stage, looking royally frustrated, belting out a song, while a team of men attempt to rip her hair out of a fan.

Watch the video below:

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum