big bang theory anything can happen thursday penny sheldon 'Big Bang Theory': Anything Can Happen Thursday sends Penny and Sheldon on an adventure“The Big Bang Theory” episode “The Anything Can Happen Recurrence” sees the return of Anything Can Happen Thursday, which is a call-back to the Season 2 episode “The Hofstadter Isotope,” when the guys went to the comic book store, which is usually a Wednesday activity. Crazy!

This time around, Leonard and Penny take Sheldon out to try a restaurant they’ve never researched online because … anything can happen, you know. But the trio spies Amy and Bernadette out having a drink, even though they said they were sick and working late, respectively.

It turns out nobody wants to hear Sheldon whine about what to study next or Penny complain about “Serial Apeist II” anymore. The avoidance upsets Penny, so she takes Sheldon off alone to have their own Anything Can Happen Thursday.

First they eat at an Asian Fusion restaurant and then they go to a psychic, of which Sheldon says, “Ugh, that is a lot of incense. Or someone set a hippie on fire.”

Interestingly, Amy admits to Leonard that she’s jealous of Penny and Sheldon’s connection. She doesn’t mean they have a romantic involvement, but they have a special relationship and she wishes she was as close to Sheldon as Penny is.

It’s a terrific scene, because I have always loved Sheldon and Penny together, to the point where I almost ‘ship them. They obviously are a terrible romantic match, but I adore them together and it seems very fitting that Amy would be jealous of them. It’s neat to see the show acknowledge that.

Anyway, the psychic tells Sheldon to commit to Amy and everything else will fall into place, which he calls “malarkey.” Hee.

I’m curious to see what he makes of that, though. This whole season has seen some major steps forward for Sheldon and Amy. Are more on the way?

Meanwhile, Raj is nervous about having to watch “House of 1000 Corpses” with Emily, so he asks Howard to watch it with him first so he doesn’t get so scared in front of his new girlfriend. But the violent and terrifying nature of the movie has Raj questioning if Emily is not the girl for him.

But he admits to her that he watched the movie in advance and he found it disturbing and made him question the kind of person that enjoys a movie like that. Emily says she wants to tell him something without him judging her — and then our DVR cut off and it was too late to catch it live because I was a minute behind live TV. So, I’m desperately curious to know what Emily said. I’ll let you know when I catch the second broadcast.

Best Lines:

Penny: “We’re about to shoot this scene in the movie where the serial killer ape DNA is slowly taking over my body, but I realize they’re gluing fur everywhere except my cleavage. So I ask the director why and he says it’s important to the story that my boobs be the last thing to turn ape.”
Leonard: “[pause] It’s sweet that he thinks there’s a story.”

Amy: “I feel so bad about lying to Sheldon. How am I gonna make it up to him?”
Bernadette: “I’d tell you what I do with Howard, but I don’t thikn dressing up like a Catholic schoolgirl is going to work with Sheldon.”
Leonard: “He’d probably give you homework.”

Sheldon: “Have you ever paid for dinner?”
Penny: “Not with money.”

Howard: “Lemme get this straight — so he kills this girl’s father, cuts off the guy’s face and is wearing it as a mask while he makes out with her?”
Raj: “I’m just gonna say it: That’s not OK. … Why can’t I be in a relationship with a girl who likes ‘The Sound of Music.'”
Howard: “Raj, you are the girl in the relationship who likes ‘The Sound of Music.'”

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