big bang theory season 7 finale jim parsons johnny galecki 'Big Bang Theory' Season 7 finale: Sheldon's leavin' on a set train (but we assume he'll be back again)It’s a brave new world for several of our “Big Bang Theory” gang, but don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Sheldon and Leonard

In the Season 7 finale, Sheldon’s world is turned upside-down from three things: Leonard and Penny announce their engagement and desire to begin living together; the university tells him he has to continue studying string theory because that is what he was hired to do and that is what his grant money is earmarked for; and the comic book store caught on fire and is a smoky, black hole (!). Poor Stuart.

Sheldon handles it all about as well as you might expect. At Amy’s idea that they live together now, Sheldon panics and disappears. It’s quite demonstrative of Sheldon’s issues — change is terrifying to him and this is a whole lotta change all at once.

He ends up at the train station because he needs to get away for a while, and Penny tells Leonard this might be the best idea for Sheldon. So they let him go. Oh, and Sheldon tells Amy over the phone (because of course he does) and she’s livid with Leonard for letting Sheldon go like that.

It’s not as if he won’t come back, though obviously the character of Amy doesn’t know that. This show has been renewed for several more seasons, so we imagine Sheldon will be back in time for the Season 8 premiere (or thereabouts). But we are curious to see exactly what state he is in when he returns (and also what state the rest of the gang is in).

Raj and Howard

In other news, Raj slept with Emily (WOO HOO!) and Howard and Bernadette are still troubled by Howard’s mom’s convalescence and lack of someone to care for her (because she scares every nurse away almost immediately).

There’s a rather awesome solution, though — Stuart is Debbie Wolowitz’s new nurse and he loves it. Bananas.

Best Lines

On Howard’s mom
Sheldon: “Who’s watching her now?”
Howard: “A bowlful of M&Ms with a few Ambien tossed in.”

Leonard, about Sheldon: “I know his password so I can track his phone. Ever since he wandered off at the swap meet chasing a balloon, I get worried.”
Penny: “He can take care of himself. We went over stranger danger and gave him that whistle.”

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