johnny galecki comic con big bang theory gi 'Big Bang Theory's' Johnny Galecki at Comic Con: 'Entourage' and Leonard's love dilemmaThough “The Big Bang Theory” cast will have their Comic-Con moment to shine on Friday, Emmy nominated star Johnny Galecki showed up early on Thursday to join a panel of TV Guide fan favorites, which also included Zachary Levi and Matt Smith. Though, as usual, he played coy with spoilers, he did give us a little taste of what to expect when the show returns this fall.

When we last saw Leonard, he was shocked by Penny’s hookup with Raj. “I wasn’t a big fan of that,” Galecki says. He says that when Season 5 begins on Sept 22, Leonard and Priya will be involved in a long-distance relationship, and meanwhile, “Penny’s feelings for Leonard will solidify.”

“Basically, he’s got two women and no sex,” Galecki jokes. And yes, he assures us that Leonard and Sheldon will move back in together, because “they need each other to function.”

Galecki will also be appearing on the upcoming final season of Entourage, in three of the remaining eight episodes. He says he was thrilled to have the chance to participate and that they had “a blast” filming. “They’re going to close it up in style, as only those boys can,” he says.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie