matt big brother "Big Brother 12": Matt uses Diamond Power of Veto

One of “Big Brother 12″‘s big twists finally pays off this season, as Diamond Power of Veto holder Matt uses it to take himself off the block. The big questions are: who went up in his place, and who went home?

Previously: Matt won Diamond Power of Veto; HoH Brendon nominated Lane and Ragan; Ragan won POV and Brendon put up Matt in his place, per Rachel’s explicit pretzel instructions.

Pretzel Power!

Julie, wearing more chains than Mr. T, welcomes us to the show and explains that Matt is the most powerful person in the entire world. She uses more words than that, but that is the gist.

Immediately post-POV ceremony, The Brigade is sweating having two of their members up on the block. Brendon is pretty proud of himself for doing exactly as Rachel commanded, and seems sure that Matt will be the one going home. Matt, since he has secret super powers, manages to remain pretty calm. As he hinted in previous episodes, Enzo in leaning towards getting rid of Matt.

And…then I missed a few things because I’m blogging this from a plane and the flight attendant came on the intercom to let us know they serve Pepsi products. I hate you, flight attendant! I wanted Coke!

Ragan feels especially bad for Matt, because of Matt’s wife’s horrible bone disease and all. He manages to keep his mouth shut about the Diamond POV, but it doesn’t stop him from giving the camera a sly wink. Oh, Matt. Don’t try to be like Dr. Will. You will only look silly in comparison.
Matt gets together with the rest of The Brigade to see if the pretend tide is turning against him. They let him know about Rachel’s message, and Kathy neglecting to tell him about it directly does not make Matt very happy.

For his part, Lane feels pretty safe up against Matt. The most interesting thing about this whole situation is that Matt gets to know EXACTLY where he stands within his alliance. A conversation with Enzo make him realize that position just might be 4th. Out of 4. So, in other words? Not good.

The Final Sabotage
Ragan’s task this episode is to leave a note somewhere in the house indicating that someone has a secret, and he’s very aware of it. He decides to leave it in Enzo’s bed. Hee hee hee. Instead of ripping the note into a million pieces and telling no one, Enzo decides to tell pretty much everyone. That seems…not smart. Why would he want everyone to think he has a secret? It actually doesn’t come back to bite him, but the one thing it does do is make everyone think Kathy is the Saboteur since she made Enzo’s bed that day. Enzo seems to think he cracked this because the note was sighed “S” for sheriff. Instead of the more obvious “S” for Saboteur, I suppose. Ah, Enzo. And with that task, Ragan is $20,000 richer. I wish I could get a quarter that much for doing twice the amount of work.

Lane + Britney = 2gether 4ever

This week in “houseguest confidential,” we meet Britney and Lane’s family and wantonly speculate about the status of their relationship. Are they friends? More than friends? Do we really care? Not really. Well, I guess Britney’s fianc´┐Ż (who I forgot existed) would kind of care. Seriously, are the producers THAT desperate for a showmance? I promise you, guys, the show will survive without someone sucking face at all times.

Ice Ice Baby

When it’s time for the normal last plea speech, instead of pleading his case Matt gets the chance to play his veto…and he does it by insulting Brendon. A lot. And then playing the veto. Everyone’s face when they learn the power this gives him is pretty darn hilarious. He names Kathy as his replacement, as we all suspected. Kathy is wearing a romper, so I’m pretty sure she needs to go home. I’m just saying, people over 40 should not wear rompers. Heck, people over 20 shouldn’t wear rompers. I am anti-romper, is what I mean. In case you were confused.

Anyway, moving on. The live vote begins right away, and Kathy is unanimously evicted. This house needs a shakeup, because there hasn’t been a close vote all season. I say Matt forgets about his stupid Brendon vendetta and joins up with Britney and Ragan to take out the rest of The Brigade instead. That would be FUN.

Ladies and gentlemen, your regular recap has been interrupted for the following announcement: the flight attendant I cursed earlier just brought around free chocolate chip cookies. I take it all back, flight attendant. You are awesome.

HoH Competition

This week’s HoH competition is based on “Big Brother Says,” BB’s version of Simon Says. Yesterday in the house, Big Brother gave the houseguests many tasks to perform…and remember, for questions in today’s HoH competition. The last person standing in the question round wins HoH. Ragan and Hayden get knocked out on the first question. Matt goes out next, followed by Lane, which leaves Britney and Enzo to battle for the win. Britney takes the win, and I sort of can’t wait to see who she nominates.

Next Thursday: Double Eviction, a.k.a. my favorite “Big Brother” episode of the season. HOORAY!

Favorite quotes:

  • “It doesn’t take a diabolical supergenius to see that he is trying to get rid of me.” – Matt, on Enzo
  • “Musclemilk. I’m tired of the soy protein, I want a different protein.” – Lane, when asked what one thing he would want from home
  • “If you look Lane Elinburg up in a dictionary, it would say “meathead jock who loves puppies.” – Lane’s mom

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