ragan big brother 'Big Brother 12': The final four revealed

The non-excitement continues on “Big Brother 12” as things go…exactly as we thought they would. Again.

Previously: Enzo won POV and Lane put Hayden up in his place.

Julie welcomes us to the show, and obviously got in some sort of catfight right before taping because her outfit is all torn up. Perhaps shoulderpad-loving moths are living in her closet?

The Brigade & Britney
The house is now firmly split into two camps: Lane and Britney vs. Hayden and Enzo. Unfortunately for Hayden and Enzo, they don’t quite realize how far Lane is in with Britney, seeing that Lane is definitely planning on taking Britney to final two with him because he thinks he has the best chance of winning against her.

Ragan’s Plea
Ragan knows he can’t get Enzo’s vote, so he goes about trying to stay in the game the only way he knows how: get Britney on his side and then pray he can somehow get Lane to vote for him in a tiebreak. He lays it all on the line for her, saying that she has a much better chance of making it to the end if he’s in the house, and telling her that if he makes it to the end he’s definitely choosing her to go final two with him because she’s the only person in the house he can potentially beat. I love the straight-talking Ragan!

Ragan then hits up Lane, telling him he can’t beat Enzo or Hayden in final two, and the fact that those two would definitely take each other to the end means his chance of getting there is diminished. Also, Ragan points out that Lane hasn’t made any big moves in the house and making one now would up his esteem in the eyes of the jury. Ragan has some seriously good arguments, you guys. If I was Lane or Britney, I would be listening!

The Jury House
It’s my favorite time of the week – time to visit the jury house! I quickly regret saying this part is my favorite when I hear Rachel shouting at me. For real, why is she SO LOUD? Rachel and Kathy are pretty happy to see Matt coming through the door, considering he was the reason they were both evicted. Matt goes off on Britney, because he’s a sore loser. And then Brendon comes in and we have to see him and Rachel be schmoopy. Ick.

Matt then decides to spill the beans regarding the lie about his wife’s illness. Brendon and Rachel are shocked, but Kathy takes it extremely personally and goes off. She is especially sensitive about the subject since she battled cancer for ten years. (Which I did not know. Did the show not mention this before?) Of course, Rachel and Brendon jump on the “hate on Matt” bandwagon, because that’s what they do.

Live Vote
Despite Ragan’s very valid arguments to Britney and Lane, he is evicted by a vote of 2-0. Sigh. Can’t anything interesting and unexpected happen this season? In his exit interview, Ragan says that the final four left are much more closely knit than he realized, and that they made a big mistake in getting rid of him. He then admits that if he made it to the end he probably would have won, so why should they have kept you in the game again, Ragan? Julie reminds us that Ragan won $20,000, which he says will make a nice down payment for a very expensive car.

HoH Competition
This week’s competition is Christmas themed (um…ok?). Each houseguest is in a cage decorated with a Christmas tree on the outside and must “decorate” their tree by threading ornaments through the wire caging. The first person to complete their tree wins HoH and guarantees themselves a place in the final three. Julie starts the competition, and this is when we realize that we are watching perhaps the most boring television competition of all time. Seriously, folks, this is sort of akin to watching paint dry. Challenge producer fail! To top it all off, this competition is not only boring but too long to fit in the show so we don’t find out the winner. Boooooo, Big Brother. Just boo.

Random thoughts:

  • Ragan nonchalantly eating food from a giant ladle while carrying on a conversation with Hayden and Enzo was hilarious. One of the punishments finally amused me!
  • Why do I like Hayden the most? It’s almost nonsensical. He hasn’t played the game the best. He isn’t particularly interesting or funny. He has terrible hair. Why, Carrie, why?

Favorite quotes:

  • “It doesn’t matter how tan I get, I’m always the whitest guy on the dance floor.” – Hayden
  • “As the self-proclaimed diabolical supergenius, it is very humbling to be voted out.” – Matt
  • “Man, you are doing to hell. D***, Matt.” – Brendon
  • “God have mercy on his soul.” – Kathy, on Matt
  • “I’m definitely playing half the dodo part.” – Lane, on his strategy of acting dumb
  • “I get to meet Julie Chen!” – Ragan

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Credit: CBS

Posted by:Carrie Raisler