hayden annie brendon big brother 12 'Big Brother 12': Who will win? Zap2it gives odds.The “Big Brother 12” premiere is almost here, hamster fans! So Zap2it is putting on our prognosticating hat and make some good old-fashioned predictions based on our meet-and-greet with contestants. We did pretty well for “Dancing With the Stars,” so maybe we can be Carnac the Great for “Big Brother” too.

Contestant: Monet Stunson
Odds: 14 to 1
Monet seems young, quiet and shy, like she won’t be up for having
any fun in the house and will also
seem to lack personality
. We think she’ll have a hard time standing
out and making quick friends — without an alliance, she’s toast.

Contestant: Kathy Hillis
Odds: 13 to 1
Kathy seems like a sweet lady but she is the oldest person in the house and her accent is a tad grating. We can see her not fitting in (especially since if Andrew lies like he says he’s going to and pretends to be 34) and getting an early boot.

Contestant: Andrew Gordon
Odds: 12 to 1
Andrew has big plans to lie all over the place — we get the impression he fancies himself sneaky like Dr. Will Kirby. Unfortunately, Andrew lacks Will’s inherent charm and roguish good looks. He’s also older and a bit condescending. The young folks might want to get him out of their hair.

Contestant: Enzo Palumbo
Odds: 11 to 1
Enzo is abrasive, loud and kind of obnoxious. He’ll get by at first because people like to keep around someone who nobody likes, but we think his attitude will wear thin and he’ll be eliminated.

Contestant: Kristen Bitting
Odds: 10 to 1
Kristen is a bit of an oddball and doesn’t seem particularly smart.
Perhaps she’ll find an early alliance to protect her, but we would bet
more on people think she’s weird, which makes her an easy target for

Contestant: Rachel Reilly
Odds: 9 to 1

Rachel is pretty intelligent but she will annoy the house guests early on — she’s too bubbly and that laugh. Wow. We could see her being a Janelle-esque veto winner and narrowly escaping eviction weeks and weeks in a row. She won’t be able to keep it up forever, though.

Contestant: Lane Elenburg
Odds: 8 to 1
Lane seems like a really nice guy, but he definitely falls into the “not the sharpest knife in the drawer” category. He may win some physical challenges and he’ll be well-liked in the house, but we could see some of the more devious players deciding he’s too likable and taking him down.

Contestant: Britney Haynes
Odds: 7 to 1
Britney does not actually seem as ditzy as she appears and we could see her going a long way in the game. The reason we think she’ll go out this early, though, is because she’ll be put up as a pawn and then taken out. She’s too Jordan-esque and could potentially win the money if left in the game until the end.

Contestant: Ragan Fox
Odds: 6 to 1
Ragan is smart, funny and immensely likable, so much like Britney before him, he’ll go far and then be taken out because he’s a huge threat to win the money. We kind of hope he’s the saboteur.

Contestant: Matt Hoffman
Odds: 5 to 1
Matt loves the game of “Big Brother” and seems to really understand how to play it. He will be seen as being incredibly smart but he’s also loud, opinionated and potentially too sarcastic. He won’t be in the “in crowd” come the top 5.

Contestant: Brendon Villegas
Odds: 4 to 1
Brendon, Matt, Annie and Hayden were our favorite “Big Brother” players when we met them — in our dream “BB” world, these four align from the get-go and take it all the way to top 4. At that point, Matt is gone first and then Brendon gets taken out by Annie and Hayden because he’s too much of a threat to win the money. He’s tall, good-looking, works with kids, getting his Ph.D. He’s a huge threat.

Contestant: Annie Whittington
Odds: 3 to 1
In our hypothetical final 2, we think Annie loses out in a close vote to Hayden. She will have played a quieter strategic game and ultimately Hayden will have a better case in front of the jury.

Contestant: Hayden Moss
Odds: 2 to 1
We didn’t just pick Hayden to win because he’s named after Hayden Fry — though he is and go Hawkeyes. Hayden is a charming, smart, immensely-likable Jeff-type player, but we also think he’s wily enough to skate by a la Dr. Will. Hayden is our pick to win “Big Brother 12.”

And just by the way — Ragan is our pick for the infamous saboteur. He’s smart and devious and could probably wreak excellent havoc on the house guests. We also think no one would suspect him.

“Big Brother 12” premieres Thursday, July 8 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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