britney big brother 'Big Brother 12': Will The Brigade break?

Britney makes her nominations on tonight’s episode of “Big Brother 12”: will The Brigade finally be broken?

Previously: The tides in the house turned against Matt, but he saved himself by using the Diamond Power of Veto; Kathy went home in his place; Britney won HoH.

Diamond POV Reaction

Hayden and Enzo are realizing they are a bit screwed, considering Matt knows they were planning on sending him home on Thursday. Brendon is upset his target is staying, but Ragan is absolutely ecstatic that his “best friend” is staying in the house.

Britney, the HoH

Enzo is starting to sweat his position in the house for the first time since Britney is so close with Matt, Ragan and Lane. He even asks Matt where he stands vs. Ragan, and Matt assures him that he’s still on board with The Brigade as the final four. Matt can basically say anything he wants right now, considering he is in an alliance with everyone in the house but Brendon, and he backs up this position with a suggestion to Britney that Enzo go on the block since he hasn’t had the pleasure yet.
Brendon, however, is feeling quite confident considering the deal he made with Britney when he was HoH last week. He decides to cement this deal by going to Britney and threaten her with wrath lest she not honor the deal and puts him up.

Have/Have Not Competition

In this western-themed competition, the houseguests are split into two teams and forced to take disgusting shots. If the other team guesses who on the team took the disgusting shot, they get a point. Winning team are the “Haves” for the week. The whole point of this competition is to watch people eat disgusting things, which isn’t all that inherently interesting. In the end, the team of Hayden, Enzo and Brendon lose and are the Have Nots for the week. They don’t have it all that bad, though, because their food for the week includes broccoli and bean dip, as voted on by America. Whoever comes up with those food combinations needs to work a little bit harder, because those foods are completely normal.

The Brigade Loses a Member?
Hayden, Enzo and Lane decide that they want Matt up on the block as a pawn against Brendon. Their thinking? That the pawn sometimes goes home, and if that pawn is Matt it’s much better than one of them. Britney goes to Matt with this deal but he adamantly states he does not want to be on the block. Because he is sane.

Nomination Ceremony
Britney shows that her true loyalty lies to Matt, and nominates Brendon and Enzo, with Brendon obviously the target. Will he be able to win POV again and save himself?

Favorite quotes:

  • “I have spent the past week crying like a 40-year-old woman watching Oprah.” – Ragan
  • “Ragan, you spent the last four days in the fetal position.” – Britney
  • “I’m OK dreaming about Hayden, I’d just rather he had a shirt on in my next dream.” – Matt
  • “I have been a Have Not for 24 days. I cannot do this again. I am down to my birth weight.” – Ragan
  • “When I see these two freak out I’m thinking there’s gun shooting at us or there’s a dinosaur. It’s a moth, people. It’s not going to land, turn into the Predator, pull your spine out of your back, clean your skull out and put it on a Christmas tree.” – Lane

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Credit: CBS

Posted by:Carrie Raisler