annie big brother close up 'Big Brother 12's' Annie: 'I blame Brendon' for my evictionAnnie Whittington became the first “Big Brother 12” evicted contestant, which was quite the bummer considering she was the Saboteur, thus ending the big twist of the season. We’re hoping that since Annie is in sequester, CBS has plans to bring her back. Fingers crossed!

From sequester, Annie was able to answer Zap2it‘s burning questions regarding her time in the “Big Brother” house. And just FYI — we did ask her a few questions that didn’t make the cut by CBS. Sequestered houseguests can only know and/or spill so much.

Why did you play the game so hard, so fast? Didn’t you think being so aggressive right off the bat would put a target on your back?
I had no intention of doing that. It was a huge mistake. You have no way of knowing how you will react until you get in the house. I wasn’t planning on being Annie, but as soon as I went in that all went out the window.

Who do you blame for your eviction? Primarily Britney? Or other houseguests too?
Combination of a lot of people, but I blame Brendon. He whispered in my ear that he wanted me to be there more than her. He had the opportunity to save me and he opted for his showmance … hope he is happy with his decision.

Do you want CBS to find another Saboteur in the house, since you went out so quickly?  Do you think they should?
Sure – I would love for another HG to have that added stress. Someone to experience what I went through.

Who are you rooting for now that you are evicted?

Lane – just because he is my best friend in the house. I was pleasantly surprised by him. Or Ragan … had a really tough life and I respect him.  He would deserve the money.

Was “Big Brother” harder/more stressful than you thought it would be?

I think it was 500 times harder than expected. When you’re watching you think it’s so obvious, but when you in the house, you have the stress of not being able to trust people, not knowing who is talking to whom, not knowing what’s going on at all times, you can’t be too nice or mean. You have no idea of what to expect until you’re in the house.

Any messages to your fans?

I’m actually pretty funny and quirky and just want to say thanks so much for all the support.  Excited to know that people were rooting for me and it’s an amazing feeling.  Sorry I was kicked out so early.

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