britney bb 12 interview 'Big Brother 12's' Britney: 'I want Hayden and Lane in the final two'Britney Haynes fell victim to the “Big Brother 12” Brigade alliance. Nobody could come between Lane, Enzo and Hayden. Find out what she thinks of her experience on the show.

Did you enjoy “Big Brother”? Was it a good experience overall?

Yes – Absolutely. I had a lot of fun despite my many bad moments.

Do you regret not trying to keep Ragan in the house?

Not really because it was a lost cause.

What was your strongest move in the game and why?

I think my strongest move was getting rid of Matt. He was the biggest competitor.

If you could do one thing differently in the game, what would it be?

I would want to go back and win the final HOH or POV that I played in. I would still be in the game and I think if I had done that I would have had a good chance of making it to the end.

Do you regret not forming a real alliance? If yes/no why?

No – I don’t think there was anyone in the house other than the members of the Brigade that I cold have really trusted.

Who are you rooting to make it to the final 2?

I want Hayden and Lane in the final two because I think they both played a great game and are great people. I would be happy if either one won.

Any messages for your fans?

I have fans????? Yes – I love you guys. Thanks for watching this summer. I appreciate each and every one of you so much.

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