kathy hillis bb 12 'Big Brother 12's' Kathy: 'I have no regrets'“Big Brother 12’s” house mother and deputy sheriff Kathy Hillis was evicted from the house in a blindside when Matt Hoffman used the Diamond Power of Veto. Find out what she has to say about her experienced in the game.

Was the experience fun? Are you glad you did it?

Absolutely – I have no regrets.

Do you have any hard feelings towards the people who you overheard making fun of you in the house?

I do not have hard feelings towards them. I just hope later on that they will realize that making fun of others is hurtful and they will make better decisions in the future when it comes to people’s feelings.

What was your strategy in the game?

I wanted to come in to the game and not put a target on my back because of my job. I laid low in competitions in the beginning (with the exception of the caramel competition), but I was going to step it up towards the middle. I already started to step it up in the bowling competition when I got out Rachel out.

Why didn’t you try to build an alliance in the house?

It was too soon in the game at first. I wasn’t going to make an alliance until I learned people’s personalities. I wanted to make sure that I aligned with someone who had similar goals and morals.

Are you worried nobody will feed your fish?

Yes. I love those fish. They are my babies.

Do you have any messages to your fans?

I love my fans. I need and want them to continue to support me anyway they can.

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