bb 12 monet stunson 'Big Brother 12's' Monet: The money put 'a huge target on my back'Monet Stunson was the second person evicted from “Big Brother 12.” She tells Zap2it about her game plan, the way she spoke about HOH Rachel in the house and why she was a target.

Andrew accused you of not having a game plan in his goodbye message. What was your game plan?
Yeah, I didn’t really get that. Andrew didn’t really have much of a game plan either. I did have a game plan it’s just that things change and when I won the money I had a huge target on my back. No one wanted to align with someone who had a huge target on their back.

Are you embarrassed by the way you talked about Rachel? She nominated you and Britney, but you two really seemed to take some low shots at her.
I do feel somewhat bad for the things that I said. I was under a lot of stress. In the real world I probably wouldn’t have said some of those things. I’m betting she said some nasty things about me to.

You said in your pre-“Big Brother” camera visit that you hoped that all the Houseguests were up to your standards. Who in the house was not up to your standards?

Obviously, Rachel. Matt, Enzo, Kristen. I think that’s it.

Why do you think you were a target? Were you and Britney really gunning for Rachel prior to her putting you on the block?
Yes and No. Had I won that HOH I probably would have put up Brendon and Rachel. But, I was also considering putting up Kristen because she was threat to me.

Who are you rooting for now that you’re out of the house? Just Britney? Or others?
Mainly Britney. I would love to see her make it far or even win. I also think that Lane is a cool guy and hope he does well.

Do you have any messages for your fans?
I love you guys and thanks for watching and cheering me on. I’m sorry I got evicted the second week.

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