daniele dick donato big brother 'Big Brother 13': Evel Dick is gone from the gameAfter “Big Brother 13’s” After Dark” ended Thursday night (July 7), the feeds dropped off for several hours. When they came back up, we found out that production called Daniele to the Diary Room and told her Evel Dick has left the game. Daniele is still in the game and since she has lost her partner, she has the first Golden Key.

All production told Daniele as to the reason for Dick’s departure is that it is not related to their immediate family. But other than that, no one has any idea why Dick is gone.

UPDATE: CBS has released a statement, “Due to a personal matter, houseguest Dick Donato had to leave the game unexpectedly.” That’s all we know so far. The entire thing will be addressed in Wednesday’s show next week. And as of 11:44 p.m. ET, Evel Dick’s picture had gone black and white on the Memory Wall.

Around 5:30 p.m. PT yesterday, he was in the backyard in his swimsuit, then he got called into the house and he hasn’t been seen since. He did change out of his swimsuit before he left, because it was still in the house, but that’s all the houseguests could figure out.

What on earth?! We are not the biggest fan of Dick Donato, but he would have made the game a lot more interesting. Plus, now Daniele has a key before the game has really even started. She could be heard on the feeds lamenting that now she just has to sit idly by for a month because she can’t compete in challenges anymore.

Also, is there a chance this was always the plan? That Dick didn’t want to play but was a publicity stunt, so they made up a reason to take him out before the live feeds started?
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