rachel brendon kiss big brother 13 'Big Brother 13': Guess who's back? Well done, America
So “Big Brother 13” HOH Kalia and her ally Daniele appear to have made a deal with Jeff, Jordan and Rachel – will it pan out for them, or bite them in the butt? And Lawon has offered himself up as a pawn because he’s sure the twist will put him back in the game with a special power. Oh, Lawon.

But before we get to the twist …

Post-POV Ceremony

Lawon is going crazy, probably because he’s so excited about actually getting some screentime this season. Jeff DRs that Kalia nominated one of her own people because either she’s stupid or “she’s so intelligent that [he] can’t figure out what’s going on.” Oh, Jeff. Don’t toss us those softballs, dude.

But Lawon is acting mad about being put up, even though everybody knows he put himself up as a pawn. He DRs, “Get ready for the performance of a lifetime.” Um, don’t sit by the phone and wait for the Academy to call, dude.

He’s not fooling anyone.

Meanwhile, Daniele and Kalia make a deal with Rachel, who says she’s targeting floaters and won’t target them if they keep her safe. But Rachel doesn’t even have to deal, she’s got the votes.

But Shelly the Sneak (I mean that as a compliment, she’s so sneaky) goes to Daniele and reveals that Rachel spilled the beans about her deal with Kalia and Daniele, which is the one thing Daniele asked Rachel not to do.

There’s some other stuff – Julie talks to the houseguests, there’s a Matt and Ragan segment, blah blah blah. Get to the twist and the new HOH!

The Vote

Everyone votes to evict Lawon, but Julie tells him to stay put. She reveals he’ll be competing to come back against whomever won the vote. The four evictees are in the backyard and the houseguest voted to compete … Brendon.

[profanity-laden tirade]

Seriously, are you kidding me with this? Who votes for these things?! CBS totally rigged this, there’s no way. Every poll I saw everywhere online had Cassi or Dominic on top. Ughhhhh.

The Competition

The challenge is physical (of course it is). Balls are dropped into the backyard (150 of them). Each ball has a houseguest’s name on it. The goal is to get a complete set of the 14 houseguests into the hole at the top of a ramp in the fastest time. BUT – there is only room for 14 balls, so you can’t double up. The person with the most complete set of houseguests at 3 minutes wins.

Yeah, this doesn’t favor Brendon at all. I am disgusted. From the sidelines, Rachel is shouting out what Brendon needs! That is REALLY unfair, are you kidding?! The houseguests should have to sit there quietly, that is crap. Make this fair!

So of course Brendon wins, by 14-6. Rachel jumps into his arms as I try not to vomit.

This should be an interesting week in the house, to say the least, so sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 13': Guess who's back? Well done, Americato watch all the shenanigans.

No word on the HOH competition, guys. We’ll keep you posted as we find out.

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