live feeds bb 13 day one 'Big Brother 13' live feed update: Dick's mysterious card controversyWhen we joined the “Big Brother 13” live feeds and Showtime’s “Big Brother After Dark,” Rachel and Porsche were talking in the storage room. They seemed to be discussing a conversation between Porsche and Adam about Adam and Dominic going up on the block. So does this mean Rachel hasn’t made nominations yet? I thought for sure she would have already.

Meanwhile, Kalia, Cassi, Dominic, Danielle, Lawon, Shelly and Jordan were in the fortune teller room talking about hot/not hot celebrities.

In the living room, Adam picks up a throw pillow and finds a card with Dick’s name on it on one of the nomination seats. Jeff, Rachel, Brendan and Keith can’t believe it, but Adam swears he didn’t put it there. It has everybody wondering if there’s a saboteur or if it’s a clue. I don’t know what it would be a clue about, though. Jeff finally admits to having put the card there as a prank.

Strangely, Dick is nowhere to be seen. Hmph. Even the houseguests don’t seem to know where he is, which is weird.

Rachel organizes a game of Find the Difference, which sounds silly, but honestly? There is so little to do in the house, we’d probably be making up games like that too.

After a rousing game of Find the Difference, they are called to the storage room.

In the HOH room, they talk about their “cow suits” and Rachel making moo sounds, so the luxury competition must have been cow based, which should be fun to watch. They’re trying to figure out a new game to play and Kalia suggests “Spin the Fire Extinguisher.” Um, are you a little hard-up, real life Carrie Bradshaw?

Dick update – Jordan, Jeff, Lawon and Shelly are talking about how maybe something happened to someone out in the real world and that’s why Dick is gone? Or he quit? Jordan wonders if he has health problems. Lawon saw the last time he saw Dick, Dick was in the backyard in his swimsuit and then he got called inside. Jeff realizes that Dick’s swimsuit is in the house, so he changed before he left. Mysterious! They also won’t let anyone in the Diary Room.

Cassi just lost MAJOR points because Dominic asks for a purple pillow to play with and she goes, “Wow, you really are a f*****.” Jeff immediately chastises her about not saying that word – but not because it’s just a word no one should use, but because viewers won’t like her. Classy, all around.

Now everybody but Adam and Porsche are in the fortune room and talking about the Dick mystery some more. He’s been gone SIX HOURS, apparently. Good lord. They’re starting to think it has to be something outside the game, which does make sense.
Keep checking back, I’ll keep you updated into the night. Here’s a glimpse at the Have Not room. Don’t forget to sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 13' live feed update: Dick's mysterious card controversy so you don’t miss a moment of “Big Brother” this summer.

big brother have not room 'Big Brother 13' live feed update: Dick's mysterious card controversy

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