rachel porsche big brother 13 'Big Brother 13' live feed update: Who's going home this week?Big things have been happening lately in the “Big Brother 13” house – don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Real life stuff kept me away from the live feeds over the weekend, but I’m all caught up now and boy howdy, is the house getting crazy.

When we last left the hamsters, Jordan had nominated Dominic and Adam for eviction. Adam made a deal to go up as a pawn and get the Golden Key. But guess what? Adam and Dominic (presumably because Dominic was playing hard) won the Power of Veto.

So Adam and Dom took themselves down off the block and Jordan nominated Shelly and Cassi in their place. Shelly is way too well-liked and the Veterans don’t trust Cassi, so Cassi is surely heading home this week. And since she knows it, she’s not pulling any punches with Rachel. The two have gone at it several times, with Cassi calling Rachel out on being ugly inside and a catty, catty girl and hating Cassi because she’s a girl.

Now, I don’t think Rachel hates Cassi solely because she’s a girl – what Cassi refrained from saying was that Rachel hates her because “she’s a prettier girl than Rachel and she is not a girl Rachel can control.”

So as it stands, it looks like Cassi’s gone from the house, which is a real bummer. I liked her from the start and I think it stinks that she and Shelly had to get put on the block because I like them both.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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