big brother brendon feeds 'Big Brother 13' update: The power couples approach a new pairThe “Big Brother 13” house scheming is on in full force. What have the power couples done now that Evel Dick is gone? SPOILER ALERT.

So Jeff/Jordan and Rachel/Brendon realized once Evel Dick was gone that they had to get another pair with them to have the numbers in the house. They quickly decided on Cassi and Shelly, which is my favorite newbie pair in the house and definitely the best choice for smart and trustworthy allies.

Sunday morning (July 10), Brendon and Rachel had Shelly and Cassi up to the HOH bedroom and lay it out for them and Cassi and Shelly seem on board. Now, obviously Cassi and Shelly should say yes even if they don’t mean it, but I think this is a smart move for them. Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel are a formidable alliance because they’re good at challenges and the newbies are kind of sucky, after Cassi, Shelly and maybe Dominic or Kalia. Brenchel also inform Cassi and Shelly that Daniele is also a part of the alliance.

Brendon also informs Cassi and Shelly that if one of them wins HOH, they can’t put up either of the couples. So if Cassi and Shelly are smart, they will throw HOH from here until they’re the only people left, because if they win and DON’T put up the oldies, it will be uber-suspicious.

UPDATE: Shelly and Cassi head to the kitchen and talk about it a little. Shelly has the presence of mind to tell Cassi they have to throw the HOHs or they are screwed.

I said the first night of the show airing that I hoped this didn’t turn into the “Big Brother” version of The Boston Rob Show we just watched on “Survivor,” but I do think it would be kinda fun to watch Brendon/Rachel, Jeff/Jordan and Cassi/Shelly align and rule the house, then have to fight it out at the end.

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