jeffjordan 3 'Big Brother 13's' Jeff's HOH blog: Rachel 'has a bit of growing up to do'Jeff Schroeder became the first male Head of Household for “Big Brother 13” this week. He writes in his HOH blog:

now as far my new
house mates, casey is hilarious in his banana suit!  no wait, that was
the other season haha.  seriously its a total different game this time
around!  of the remaining house guests lets start with shelly.  shelly
is awesome, so down to earth, easy to talk to.  now on a totally
different subject lets go to rachel.  rachel rachel rachel, what a
handful to say the least.  i truly think she means well but just has a
bit of growing up to do.  but like i said i think her heart is in the
right place.  i’m learning more and more how to understand her each

adam’s turn.  adam is a great guy, big heart, full of laughs and his
best attribute to me is how he takes jokes so well.  some people in here
are way to sensitive and adam is the opposite.  i’m glad he’s here to
cut up with on a daily basis.  good people.

okay daniele’s
turn.  what do i say about daniele?  i think me and daniele are very
similar in a lot of ways but just play the game very differently.  i
would have loved to work with her but the way things went down early on,
it just wasn’t meant to be…  she’s not to happy with big jeff at the
moment so will just move on to the next person.

kalia….  well
kalia does a lot of talking and also a lot of sleeping haha, its true!  
early on i thought that kalia was pretty cool, but im not sure its
kalia who is left in this house anymore?  she seems to have been
drinking whatever juice daniele has been giving her and has made a
visible change in her personality..  but once we get outta here im sure
she’ll come back to her normal fun kalia self.

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