big brothe 14 coaches 'Big Brother 14': Coaches making plans to enter the gameIn the “Big Brother 14” house, the coaches may have been getting hints in the Diary Room about entering the game, because it’s all some of them can talk about lately on the live feeds.

Twice on Monday (July 31), Janelle brought up the coaches coming into the game — one to Britney in the afternoon and once to Dan at night. Both times, she acted like she wants to work with whomever she was talking to, and both seemed amenable to her proposal. No official deals have been struck or anything, but at least Janie is feeling pretty strongly that the coaches are coming into the game this week.

Whether that’s her intuition (that twists often expire at Week 4), or she knew ahead of time, or she has been getting hints dropped her way in DR, we don’t know. But Janelle is on the scent.

Someone who is not on the scent? Danielle. Not only did she tell Wil Monday night that she is 100% convinced the coaches are NOT entering the game, but she continues to play like she’s on “Bachelor” and not “Big Brother.” Shane has confessed to Britney that he’s not interested in Danielle — that he was, in fact, interested in Kara. So let’s bring Kara back first chance we get, OK? Drama!

Not much else was going on Monday in the BB house. Frank and BOogie are still pretty confident Frank is staying. In fact, Frank is already planning that he’ll win HOH and nominate Wil and Ashley, with the real plan being to backdoor Shane.

Do you think the alliance of Shane/Danielle/Wil/Ashley will stay true and get Frank out? Make sure to get signed up for the live feeds to follow along with Thursday’s HOH competition — we have a suspicion it’ll be endurance.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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