ian big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Ian alienates himself furtherThe “Big Brother 14” feeds didn’t have any big fights Tuesday night (Aug. 28), but there was alcohol and it let Ian dig himself in a little deeper. Sign up for the feeds this week — word on the street is Thursday night is an endurance competition.

Big Brother gave the hamsters six beers and a bottle of wine Tuesday, which ended up all going to Ian and Britney via Ian’s negotiation — Ian took the beers, Britney took the wine (and just so everyone knows, because we saw a BB fan twitter tweet this, a bottle of wine is NOT equal to 12 beers. It is roughly equal to drinking five beers of common alcohol by volume).

So Britney and Ian got a lil’ drunk. Britney, being a little older, wiser and more experienced, just got sassy and funny. Ian got a bit obnoxious. Granted, the kid’s only 21, but he clearly does not have much experience with alcohol, or else he just can’t stop running his mouth when he’s drunk.

He made Frank mad by telling Frank that his social “is s***” and by throwing the basketball hoop in the pool. He irritated everyone in general just by being kind of obnoxious. But the coup de grace was when he started waxing poetic about how long he’s loved “Big Brother” and said he’s been a fan of the show since 2001 — “since he had recess, since before a plane flew into the towers.”

Now, it’s not as though Ian said, “Haha, 9/11! Wasn’t that a funny day?” but his comment was a really weird thing to say. And Jenn is a New Yorker who lived through that day, so for her, it was a little disturbing to hear Ian just toss that out there like some kind of casual reference point.

Ian tried to make it better by insisting he was just using it as a “historical reference,” but everyone was still like — dude, that was weird. What is wrong with you?

So Ian, who was already making people mad after the Pandora’s Box competition win and then his reaction to Dan being taken off the block, is just alienating himself further. If he doesn’t win HOH this week, he might be in trouble.

Meanwhile, Britney is pretty much resigned to go home and it looks like she will. Ian will most likely be the only vote for her to stay — Jenn and Dan are in on the new plan, Shane is loyal to Danielle and Joe will vote with whichever side has the numbers so as not to be a lone wolf/floater

So now we wait … the next HOH competition should be a doozy, since the entire balance of power rests on who wins. We’ve got our fingers crossed for an endurance comp.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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