dan frank big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Live Head of Household updates for soak up the sunGet ready, “Big Brother 14” fans. Tonight is an endurance comp, so sign up for the live feeds to watch it play out.

The twirling discs does not seem to lend itself well to a long competition, but the hamsters always surprise us in how tough they are. We would not be able to handle this one very well — motion sickness, ugh.

We’ll start updating you as soon as the live feeds return, so keep checking back here. Who do you think wins it all?

All times Eastern.

9:58 — Joe and Jenn are already out, we see on the live show. Wow.

10:09 — Feeds back. Danielle, Dan, Shane and Ian are all still a-twirling in the wind.

10:14 — The hamsters are going back and forth between standing and crouching on their discs. It doesn’t look as though it’s terribly easy for any of them.

10:24 — It’s still those four competitors, though the swing appears to be swinging more slowly than it was before. Also, it seems to be easier for the smaller of foot, so expect Dani and Ian perhaps to be fighting this one out again?

10:27 — We spoke too soon, Danielle is out! She was getting too sick from the spinning and took herself off. We expected a little more oomph from her, to be honest, but it’s not like we could’ve done better.

10:29 — Dan drops shortly thereafter. Geez. We thought we were in for a long one. So it’s Shane vs. Ian for the final HOH.

shane-big-brother-HOH.jpg10:36 — Ian and Shane still hanging in there, Ian talking about the centrifugal force they are experiencing.

10:42 — Shane appears to be struggling much moreso than Ian. Can he hang on? Do you guys want him to, or are you rooting for Ian?

10:52 — They’re still hanging in there, it’s been an hour or so.

11:10 — The spinner is barely moving, which the hamsters have said makes it harder actually.

11:24 — BB has finally let the houseguests inside the house, so at least Ian and Shane could make a deal if they wanted to. It’s not like they could do it shouting across the sun while everybody just sits there listening.

— Dan jokes that it’s the homecoming king versus the valedictorian. Heh. Don’t forget, you can sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself. If Ian wins, the late-night feeds should be pretty great tonight.

11:47 — Shane asks the hamsters to go inside so he and Ian can talk alone. Shane’s ready to deal and drop?

11:48 — Well, that didn’t take long. Shane wants Ian’s word that he and Danielle are safe, no nominations and no backdooring. Ian guarantees it, they aren’t his target. So Shane drops and Ian wins HOH. Which should prove verrrrry interesting this week.

11:50 — Ian declares his win was for Britney, while Shane lies on the ground and talks about how dizzy he is.

Do you think Ian will do Frank and Dan straight-up? Or will he want to backdoor one of them and put up Joe first off instead? Or Jenn because she used her POV? Hmmm.

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