ian joe big brother 14 'Big Brother 14': Production putting pressure on Pandora's Box winnerThere was a Pandora’s Box unleashing in the “Big Brother 14” Friday (Aug. 24) and after all the dust had settled (and there was plenty of dust), a new power has been put into the game. The live feeds should be pretty, well, lively today, so sign up for the free trial if you haven’t already.

Ian won a special Veto that it appears can be used at any time — presumably this week, but maybe he gets to hold on to it. We don’t know all the details. But the people in the Diary Room are apparently pushing for him not to use it.

Production wants Ian to work with Frank — of course they do. Frank has become production’s golden boy this season, for reasons passing understanding. Don’t get us wrong, Frank is cool and stuff. He’s certainly 1000x more tolerable with Boogie gone. But Ian seems to be the far and away most popular player amongst fans.

What Ian is waffling over right now (along with Britney, who has kind of turned into his No. 1 ally) is whether to use the special Veto to take Dan off the block or not. If Britney or Shane wins the normal POV, the Quack Pack could stay intact and Joe could be sent packing.

Ian’s sense of “the best should play the game” has him very irked that Joe is still in the house. He also sees going up against Dan and Frank as going up against the best and that really appeals to him.

We would also argue that keeping Dan around is a good idea. Nobody is going to vote for him to win unless he is sitting next to Britney (and probably Joe). Couldn’t you see any other newbie getting the money? And maybe any newbie, Joe included, if that person managed to get to the Final 2.

Whereas Frank is like a shoo-in at this point to win the money if he gets that far. Ian would be very, very foolish to go up against him in the finals (though Ian’s sense of duty/integrity/wanting to beat the best may have him wanting to go up against Frank).

Ian has played a better strategic game, but Frank has been on the block how many times now? And keeps staying (though one was due to the Big Brother meddling) and then winning HOH. He’s got a very strong argument for winning.

We think Ian’s best bet (this week at least) is to stick with the Quack Pack and gun for getting Joe out, then target Frank again next week when he can’t play for HOH and pray he doesn’t win the POV.

But that is just our opinion. What do you think Ian should do with his special power? It’ll be very interesting to see who wins POV today. We’re kind of hoping it’s Britney, so we can see the Ian/Britney plan unfold. It will be rather anticlimactic if Britney or Shane don’t win.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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