willie frank fight big brother 'Big Brother 14': Willie Hantz kicked out; Frank has made his nominationsThe “Big Brother 14” feeds were down for hours Friday night (July 20) and when they came back, it appears as though Willie has left the house. Boogie said on the feeds that Willie was kicked out.

We don’t know the exact details, but he was storming around earlier Friday talking about how he was going to get himself kicked out before he can be evicted next week. He was calling houseguests C-words and having a huge temper tantrum because he was made a Have-Not after Janelle won the Coaches Comp.

Meanwhile, Britney’s team is unhappy because not only are they down a team member, but now Frank has nominated JoJo and Shane for eviction. It doesn’t sound as though Willie was nominated and that made him snap and he left, but who knows what he did? He’s kind of unstable. But it’s more likely he left and then Frank did nominations.

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The feeds have been very entertaining so far this season, so don’t forget you can still sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 14': Willie Hantz kicked out; Frank has made his nominations and follow along with all the craziness in the house.

We’ll keep you posted tonight as we find out more details about Willie’s departure.

Can we just say that it’s so crappy that Jodi, a fan of “Big Brother” since Season 1, got unceremoniously booted night one and now Willie gets himself removed because he doesn’t like how things are going. Boooo.

: In the HOH room, the Janelle/Boogie alliance recaps what Willie did – he told Janelle to eff off, he used the C-word, he was calling everybody a**holes, he kicked the Have-Not door twice, and that he HEADBUTTED Joe four times. Headbutted, y’all. Yeah, that’ll get you kicked out.

Someone does say Willie was “physically removed” from the game, but he was not actually hauled away off the ground by big, burly production guys — he went to the Diary Room under his own volition.

: Willie’s picture is black and white on the Memory Wall and Ian has recapped for the live feeds that Willie “face bumped” and “chest bumped” Joe, who was then told by Big Brother to stay in the bathroom.

willie black white big brother 14 memory wall 'Big Brother 14': Willie Hantz kicked out; Frank has made his nominations

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