aaryn hoh big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman's racism outed by CBSTime to find out the results of the second Head of Household competition in the “Big Brother 15” house — if you aren’t a live feeds watcher. It’s not too late to become one, however, and the feeds have definitely been full of fireworks.

Head of Household Competition

It’s surprising they busted out a pseudo-endurance comp this early in the season. Anyway, so horrible Aaryn is “out for blood” because her showmance got booted. She squeezes out some crocodile tears in the Diary Room and hopefully all of America shouts, “Cry me a river.”

Horrible GinaMarie is also mad because she wasn’t in on the plan to evict David. Nick has to talk her down, acting like he doesn’t know what happened either. Everybody in the Moving Company (sans Jeremy, because he voted to evict Elissa) has to start lying about whether or not they cast a vote to evict David.

So, after much messy falling and BBQ-saucing, Jeremy and Aaryn win HOH and Jeremy just lets Aaryn have it — because he knows it’ll really be his HOH because Aaryn will do whatever he tells her to do.

In a huge surprise, Aaryn names the Have Nots to be Andy, Helen, Candice and Elissa. Elissa says it’s not nice to do that to Helen and Andy two weeks in a row and that Aaryn is just not a nice girl. Nope, she’s not. She’s just not. Watch the feeds — she’s a “Mean Girl” if there ever was one.


Aaryn is trying to figure out the seven votes were that evicted David. Spencer and Nick are totally lying about it, blaming Candice, who actually voted for Elissa to leave. Andy actually comes clean to Aaryn about voting for David to leave, as she cries and cries. Oh, people are lying? Lying to your FACE? Oh, the horrors!

When Aaryn gets her HOH room, Andy hilariously DRs, “How often do you get to see baby pictures of the Devil?” BWAHAHAHA. Also, what in God’s name is Aaryn doing with a murderous clown doll? That is terrifying.

Later, Aaryn and her mean girls and Jeremy try to figure out who voted David out and talk about how Elissa and Helen should be the nominees.

Racism Rodeo

The Have Nots get liver and lima beans, which is not terrible. That’s a lot of protein, guys. Don’t act so ridiculous.

But now — way to go, CBS. Way to out Aaryn and GinaMarie as the horrible racists that they are. (Not like CBS could ignore it, at this point. Some of those clips were from a while ago.)

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Now, we get what Howard is saying. As much as we’d like to tell someone like that to stuff a sock in it, in this situation, you can’t rock the boat that way if you really want to win. Aaryn is petty enough to nominate Howard if he gets all in her face about being racist. She already once told Candice it’s “asked, not axed” like a total snot.

Candice Catches On

So, Candice is a smart cookie. She’s about the only girl in the house to figure out that there’s an all-guy alliance and that they were responsible for voting David out. Now, if she’d only get to work on making an alliance against them.

Jessie’s Desperation Continues

Jessie seems to have set her sights on Nick, that sad, desperate “love me, looooooove me” way. Seriously, Jessie, stop. You are being ridiculous and kind of embarrassing. Plus, the houseguests are starting to suspect that Nick is actually more interested in Andy than any of the women in the house. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s a thing now on the feeds, his flirting with Andy).


Helen makes her play to Aaryn, saying that they could do each other’s dirty work in the future. It’s a smart play — Helen’s a smart cookie, we have to say. Now, she and Candice just need to work on playing harder. But she’s a smart lady. Also, Helen looks dynamite in bright red and should never wear anything else.

The Spencer/Jeremy/Nick talk about how Elissa needs to go, but Amanda is also super dangerous. Jeremy’s not HOH, but he’s totally controlling the puppet strings. So, he comes to Aaryn saying that Amanda was behind David’s ouster and she should nominate Amanda and Elissa.

Aaryn looks like a total deer in the headlights — this girl is not cut out for this game, get her out. And also, CBS, get some better players. Watching stupid, racist eye-candy play “Big Brother” is nobody’s idea of a good time. She is an insult to fans.

So, in what was not a surprise at all to the live feed watchers, Aaryn nominates Elissa and Helen. The thinking was that Helen is Elissa’s friend, plus she’s a smart, physical competitor and therefore would make it harder for Elissa to win the Power of Veto.

Also, nobody would vote Helen out over Elissa, so that just helps their cause to get Elissa out.

So, who will be MVP this week? Will it be Elissa again? Who will the MVP put up? Find out Wednesday (BB has moved back to Sun-Wed-Thurs) or just sign up for the live feeds. Tonight we’ll actually be finding out the results of the POV ceremony.

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