amanda big brother 15 fight 'Big Brother 15': Amanda gets a charitable edit during her awful fightThis week’s “Big Brother 15” Sunday episode features a very abbreviated version of a pretty epic fight, plus the new Head of Household and the nominees. Let’s settle in!

The New HOH

We pick things back up during the endurance Head of Household competition, but then we weirdly flash back to Howard’s eviction. That’s a strange editing choice, there. Everybody basically liked Howard, but he was kind of a schemer and talked a lot of nonsense, which is always off-putting. Makes you feel nervous when you don’t actually know what someone is talking about most of the time. 

Back to the HOH, pretty quickly it’s down to McCrae, Jessie and GinaMarie (and that’s not editing, it really didn’t take long for everybody else to fall off). The first three to drop get their “prizes” — Spencer gets a bullhorn, Candice gets $5000 and Helen gets a BBQ party for her and three other houseguests.

Jessie drops next, then McCrae finally falls (without making a deal with GinaMarie to not nominate him and/or Amanda), so GinaMarie wins HOH. Candice hopes GM remembers how sad she was when Nick left and has some sympathy for Candice and it’s like — don’t hold your breath, Candice. Aaryn and GM (and let’s be honest, this is as much Aaryn’s HOH as it is GM’s) think Candice is public enemy no. 1.

And no sooner do we type that, then GM/Aar start talking about targeting Candice because she’s mean and her voice is annoying, which is … oh, the irony. GM also says she and Aaryn are going to be BFFs outside the house. Yeah, well, after how ugly and racist you are, you probably won’t have any other choice.

Thunderdome Time

It starts because Helen decides to take Aaryn and Elissa to her BBQ party and Jessie wonders why. The way she asks is not particularly snotty, but Aaryn decides that it totally was. Because the Jessie hatred in the house (among the women) is almost as big as the Candice hatred, for reasons we cannot figure out.

Then Jessie does start whining about Helen not inviting her to the BBQ — “I don’t take it personally, but it’s kind of a slap in the face to people that have supported her.” Yeah, that’s not taking it personally at all.

Amanda’s like, “It’s not a big deal” and Jessie’s like, “It is a big deal, to be able to drink” and then she’s all, “I’m done playing games. I’m over the fakeness,” which sets off Amanda because Jessie entertained the idea of getting Amanda out (which Amanda CANNOT handle, she was crazed all week about ANY talk that she might go home).

This launches into a pretty epic fight in the backyard, which we recapped from the live feeds here. Jessie may be whiny and annoying, but Amanda is insane and mean. She got an INCREDIBLY CHARITABLE edit during this fight because she was being super gross, calling Jessie a slut and telling her to close her legs and NONE of that made it to the broadcast.

One thing Jessie rightly points out is that she came to Andy seemingly in confidence and he ratted her out to McCranda. Andy is a snitch, he runs all over the house repeating things. We aren’t sure he can keep anything secret.


In what is absolutely NOT a surprise, GinaMarie nominates Candice and Jessie, with Candice as the target. Her speech tells Candice that she’s “beautiful,” but that she’s a rat and a tattle tale, as everybody starts laughing pretty hard. We wonder what was so funny? What did GinaMarie say or stumble over that we didn’t see? Hmm.

It’s pretty gross that Amanda DRs that Jessie needs a time out. You should’ve heard the stuff she said to Jessie.

Do you think America will nominate Amanda again? We can only hope. Find out on Wednesday. Or just sign up for the live feeds to find out for yourself.

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