crazy amanda big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Amanda goes insane, a new alliance formsYou’d think that Amanda would be happy with how things are going this week in the “Big Brother 15” house, but … you’d be wrong. Read on to find out what she has been up to, or just sign up for the live feeds to follow along for yourself.

So, Elissa nominated Aaryn and McCrae, which Amanda freaked out about because she’s not in control this week. But Amanda went and won the POV, which means she can save McCrae and keep herself safe in the process. You’d think she would be happy this week.

But no. Amanda totally lost her mind Sunday (Aug. 25), starting a campaign to make Elissa’s life miserable that resulted in the feeds being down for nearly an hour while Amanda got a talking to from production (we assume, based on later conversations).

Here’s what she was up to — after McCrae and Elissa get in a stupid argument about touching each other’s stuff, Amanda sits in the backyard where Elissa is working out and says:

The Zingbot said it best, she’s a trashy version of her sister. I didn’t even have to say it. … She has her 78-year-old husband at home and her kid, who knows who he belongs to? Definitely not him. … You should’ve been a blowjob, Elissa. Got caught in the wrong hole.

Then later, Amanda adopts the character of granny (wearing a robe and a party hat, talking in a grandma voice) and starts putting condoms on Elissa’s Memory Wall photo and a pad with hot sauce in it on Elissa’s dresser. Elissa, meanwhile, has locked herself in the HOH room and isn’t coming out as long as Amanda is being so crazy. Amanda keeps pounding on the HOH room door and eventually the feeds go dark.

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When the feeds return, Amanda is lying on the living room couch, still dressed as her crazy grandma character, and she’s yelling up to Elissa in the HOH room, “You should probably nominate yourself, can you do that when you’re HOH? You should nominate yourself, it’s in your best interest. You don’t want to be here. … This will never stop, Elissa. This is what you’ve done to yourself. This is what you’ll have to enure for the rest of your time here. This is what you get for being a b**** to everyone in the house, including production!”

It’s seriously bonkers. Amanda is mentally unstable and absolutely cannot handle not being in control of the house.

Based on some chatter at around  12:30 a.m. PT around the hot tub, during the time the feeds were down, or in the Diary Room, Amanda has gotten warnings about a penalty nomination, which we don’t think the show will actually do, but that would be amazing. She would FREAK.

Meanwhile, we’re highly interested in how CBS edits this. Amanda has been getting a HUGELY charitable edit this season. Her fight with Jessie was very much skewed and lots of her other ridiculousness has not made it to air. She says things just as ugly (or uglier) than the racists in the house and she never gets portrayed negatively.

How you gonna spin this, CBS?

Meanwhile, Judd, Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie have realized that they probably need to ditch the crazies (McCrae, Amanda and Elissa) and work together. They’re calling themselves The Exterminators and they plan to vote out Aaryn, regardless of who Elissa nominates when McCrae gets taken off the block.

At this point, it’s still looking like Andy will be the renom, but that leaves Judd, Spencer and GM as the votes against Aaryn and that’s enough — there are only five votes this week.

We don’t know if GM will really vote against Aaryn, but that relationship has been slowly fraying over the past couple weeks, so we’ll see.

Tune in here later to find out how the POV ceremony goes down.

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