amanda spencer jessie big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Amanda screams at Jessie, calls her a slutAmanda continues her downward spiral from a “Big Brother 15” contestant we liked to one of the ugliest people in the house. Read on to find out about the latest, or just sign up for the live feeds yourself — if Amanda is America’s MVP nominee, this week promises to be filled with drama.

So, last night, at a little before 2 a.m. PT, Amanda and Jessie got into a screaming match (well, Amanda was screaming, Jessie was kind of just raising her voice to be heard). The issue at the heart of the fight is that Amanda is mad at anyone who even remotely entertained the idea of voting her out last week and Jessie is her current target.

Amanda did not handle being on the block very well, you see, and now she’s out for blood against anyone who may have tried to talk about voting her out (she even got after Candice for wanting to save Howard, like — what else was Candice supposed to do? YOU HATE HER and have talked about stabbing her, so). Amanda is a classic case of “can dish it out but can’t take it,” as she is absolutely losing her mind at the prospect of people scheming against her.

Anyway, here is how the fight went down. Amanda says:

“The only reason why I’m angry with you, Jessie, is because you came up with a cockamamie scheme to get me out of the house. … Don’t play the victim, Jessie. Your f***ing card. I’m gonna make you a f***ing shirt — America, please make a shirt for Jessie, ‘I am a victim’ with Jessie’s f***ing face underneath it. … I’m pissed because you tried to flip the house on me, twice. So go f*** yourself, Jessie. That’s not me being a bully, that’s me defending myself.”


Amanda: “You think McCrae’s the sexiest guy in the house and you check him out all the time.”
Jessie: “Obviously, your insecurities speak for themselves, Amanda.” [Point — Jessie]
Amanda: “Oh, I’m so f***ing in secure, I’m so insecure. Go hit on somebody else’s guy. … This woman likes to snatch up husbands. Hide your husbands, hide your boyfriends because this b**** will try to steal it!”
Jessie: “You’re the one to talk, Amanda. You had a boyfriend when you came here. You told us you were in love with him and that you were soulmates when you met.”
Amanda: “Let me go after every girl’s guy, let me go after every girl’s guy. Closing your f***ing legs, you slut.”
Jessie: “I’m not sitting out here in my f***ing underwear.”
Amanda: “Nightwear.”
Jessie: “You’re in your underwear.”
Amanda: “Oh, I’m sure that offends you very much. … Guess who’s laughing with you? No one. ‘Cause everyone thinks that you’re a f***ing man-f***ing-stealer.”
Jessie: “Everybody thinks that you’re a b**** and that’s why they’re too afraid to stand up to you ’cause they’re afraid you’re going to do this s*** to them. Everybody at one point or another has said they want to get you out. … I’m not afraid of you, Amanda.”
Amanda: “Well, you should be. That’s why you’re going to be f***ing going home this week.”
Jessie: “So everybody agrees with that? Because Amanda said it?”

Update: Amanda and Jessie sat down this afternoon and apologized to each other for the fight.

Amanda: “I’m very sorry. I’m upset because I want to be here so badly and I felt like that was compromised and I lost a lot of frickin’ sleep last week. … It wasn’t right. … You know I don’t condone any sort of bullying or attacking. … I’m really sorry I said derogatory things to you, you know I didn’t mean it.
Jessie: “I didn’t mean the things that I said that were below the belt, either.”
Amanda: “I should’ve apologized to you last night but I was being a stubborn a**hole.”

Stay tuned here for all the latest, including nominations later today.

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