big brother 15 candice stewart hazel aaryn racist cbs 'Big Brother 15': Candice Stewart's mother calls Aaryn a racist 'devil'

The racism of “Big Brother 15” is too much for one contestant’s mother. Hazel, the mother of Candice Stewart, is fed up with Aaryn and her racist, hateful attitude. She is so done with the show, in fact, that her church is calling for a boycott of the popular reality show.

“She’s a devil,” Hazel Stewart told TMZ. “She’s mean and she’s racist.”

Because of Aaryn’s behavior — particularly toward the African-American Candice — Hazel finds it hurtful to watch “Big Brother” this season. Her Louisiana church agrees and is calling for a boycott of the CBS show. “They will no longer watch ‘Big Brother’ anymore because of the racism,” Stewart explained. “The community thinks Candice is being bullied.”

The racist attitudes and behavior of Aaryn and some of the other houseguests have become a major controversy in “Big Brother 15.” Although not as obvious on the CBS airings, the Internet has widely publicized every incident. Thus far, however, the controversy has only brought in high ratings for the ever-popular program.

Is this a sign that things may have gone too far?

Posted by:Laurel Brown