amanda ginamarie big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Condom clean up and the calm before the stormIt has become a very quiet “Big Brother 15” house this week. Jessie is moving through the stages of grief to “acceptance,” so she’s laying low and the other houseguests have already started moving on to next week. Read on to find out what we think is likely to happen.

First off — McCrae and Amanda’s sexy time in the house is well documented but there was a whole new level added last night. In what mght be the grossest thing we’ve ever seen on “Big Brother,” McCrae had to clean up his used condoms last night on the feeds between 7 and 7:30 p.m. PT. They had been stashing them under the bed where they do it all the time.

EWWWWW. Guys, everybody knows you’re having sex. Just be adults and throw away your nastiness in the garbage. GRO-O-O-O-SSSSSS.


So, next week might finally be a showdown of Amanda vs. Helen — if the right person wins HOH. If McCrae or Amanda win, they are targeting Helen and it’s just a matter of do they nominate her outright or do they try to backdoor her. Both have their risks.

If Helen wins HOH, it’ll be interesting to see if she can put her money where her mouth is and nominate Amanda and McCrae. She’s been trying to get people to do that, but if she’s in charge, can she actually pull the trigger. She really can’t afford not to if she wins HOH this week. Same goes for if Elissa wins HOH.

What will be interesting is if Aaryn, Spencer or GinaMarie win HOH. Aaryn could be in a tough spot, because her 3 a.m. alliance will want her to go after Helen, but Helen thinks she and Aaryn are tight and that could be a bridge Aaryn doesn’t want to burn yet. We would guess Aaryn would nominate Elissa and Spencer (not wanting to burn her GM bridge yet either).

If Spencer wins, Helen could probably convince him to go after Amanda, but will he also go after his buddy McCrae? He would probably target Amanda and Aaryn. Maybe Amanda and Helen, if Spencer was really on top of his game — ensure a big target leaves one way or the other.

GinaMarie is a wild card. She’s not much of a game player so far, so would she play it safe and nominate Spencer and Elissa? We’re not sure.

Either way, the house is relaxed this week now that Jessie is no longer riling things up. Helen is definitely suspicious of this “final three” deal she supposedly has with McCrae and Andy, so hopefully she’ll wise up to its non-existence.

It’s not that we’re necessarily rooting for Helen over everyone, but to keep the game interesting, she has to step it up. We cannot rely on Spencer/GM/Elissa to take on the 3 a.m. alliance and watching the 3 a.m.-ers skate into the final four would be so, so boring.

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