amanda elissa big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Elissa and Amanda battle it out for Head of HouseholdTime to find out who won the “Big Brother 15” baseball Head of Household competition last Thursday. We have to say, it was pretty bonkers on the live feeds.

Head of Household Competition

We join the hamsters where we left them last Thursday — everybody on a perch, with balls being thrown at their faces (there goes their social lives). It all starts off fairly innocuously, with nearly everybody getting a ball right away, though in the DR, several hamsters are lamenting the returning-juror twist.

The first elimination comes fairly soon, as Spencer falls off (not a huge surprise, he’s a big dude on a little perch) and McCrae also falls (more of a surprise, he’s like a spry little monkey). Meanwhile, down on the jury end of the competition, Helen is spilling all the beans to her fellow jurors. That’s very smart — the returning person needs as much of an advantage as he or she can get.

Things are heating up, competition-wise, as Andy falls and Jessie and Amanda get up to four balls with Elissa leading at five. Jessie takes a spill and if you didn’t catch that, on the way out, she yelled, “F*** you, Amanda. I f***ing hate you.” Heh.

Helen and Candice then fall in quick succession (the editing makes it look like it takes a minute, but it doesn’t. They fell bang-bang) and that means Judd is returning to the house, but he can still win HOH so he stays in the comp. Thankfully he doesn’t leap off the perch without thinking.

He also tells everyone he wants a “clean slate” with them all, but we all know that’s probably not true. Meanwhile, Elissa has seven balls when she takes a spill, but gets back up. That will not even be the second-most impressive thing she does this comp.

When the perch operator starts getting a little trigger happy, Judd can’t hang on and is out. Amanda also takes a fling but rights herself. Then Elissa flies all the way off the perch and swings herself back on. Even McCrae and Spencer are impressed.

Then Elissa makes a one-handed grab for her 9th ball and another catch for her 10th. Seriously, she was a total beast at this.

Post-HOH Scheming

So, those of us hoping someone will finally stand up to Amanda should be happy that Elissa has won Head of Household. But she immediately starts talking crazy by saying that her target is Aaryn. Um, what?!

We get that Elissa doesn’t like Aaryn, but c’mon, lady. Sure, Aaryn is a challenge beast, but she’s also Amanda’s puppet. We are kind of shocked that Elissa’s first and only thought is to put up Amanda and McCrae. You can’t count on a backdoor — if one of them wins POV, they could take the other one off.

Elissa tells Amanda that she’s going to maybe put McCrae up against Aaryn and that’s a smart move because it immediately sends Amanda in to a tailspin, but not putting Amanda up WITH him is very, very risky.

Later, Amanda cries to McCrae, “How does she not understand that it’s a bad idea to put you or me up next to Aaryn?” Uh, because Elissa’s not dumb and she also doesn’t work for you, Amanda.

Elissa knows that while GM may be a vote to keep Aaryn, GM is also a nice, easy vote for the house and it doesn’t get rid of a threat at all. Elissa knows that if Aaryn comes down, she has to have strong people on the block (i.e., McCrae and Amanda).

It’s pretty delightful to see Amanda cry about McCrae possibly being on the block and try to act like she’s aligned with Elissa somehow. Um, no. You may have protected Elissa at the beginning, but that was a long time ago. You are not working with her now in any way, shape or form, Amanda.

Weird Segment

Aaryn drinks nail polish remover straight out of the bottle accidentally. WTF. Andy hilarious says, “She’s fine, I’ve been poisoning her for a while.” Hee!


Judd and Elissa start working together, which is very smart for both of them — Elissa recognizes that they don’t really have anyone, so they need to come together. It’d be pretty awesome if Jelissa mows down the 3 a.m. alliance. Yoga babe and J-U-Double-D Party Daugherty take down the Puppetmaster and her minions? Delightful.

Aaryn makes a plea for Elissa to keep herself safe, saying she’ll do whatever Elissa wants to try to stay off the block. But Elissa’s just not buying it — “You want to be here so bad to play the game for Amanda?” WHOA. The Zingbot’s got nothin’ on Elissa. Heh.

In the end, Elissa puts up Aaryn and McCrae just like she said. If your target is Aaryn with Amanda as backup, that’s not a terrible decision, but we think maybe putting Aaryn and Amanda on the block would’ve been a better decision.

We’ll see how ti plays out on Wednesday when they compete for Power of Veto. Or just sign up for the live feeds to see what’s going down — it’s been a wild week in the house so far.

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