amanda elissa big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Elissa is trying to flip the houseJust when you think the “Big Brother 15” house is going one way during a week, it zig-zags another way. We can hardly keep up with these hamsters sometimes, but it’s sure been fun to watch. Be sure to sign up for the live feeds before Thursday, since it’s a double eviction and the second HOH will surely either get started at the last minute, or play out later in the night.

So, the plan has been to target McCrae and Amanda this week. GinaMarie nominated them and then McCrae took himself off after winning Power of Veto, leaving Amanda on the block versus Spencer. The Exterminators plus Elissa have the votes for Amanda to leave and no one expects McCrae to vote against her, so it’ll be 3-1. Easy peasy, right?

Except no.

Elissa got a wild hair Monday night (Sept. 2) to suddenly keep Amanda in the house. There isn’t much explanation given for this, but at 12:40 a.m. PT, Elissa pulls Amanda into the cockpit room and tells her she wants to keep her in the house — “I feel like I trust you and McCrae and Judd more than I trust Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie,” is Elissa’s reasoning.

Now, the only thing we can think of is that Elissa has somehow figured out the Exterminators alliance (either on her own or through Diary Room questions) and she is assuming that new BFF GinaMarie is maybe not that loyal to her.

Interestingly, Elissa assumes Andy is on board with this plan, so when he interrupts her conversation with Amanda, it’s pretty hilarious to watch him scramble out of the room because he doesn’t want to vote for Amanda to stay and he is sometimes a terrible liar (usually he’s good, but this really caught him off guard).

We were kind of assuming that Andy would maybe feel this out, but he seems to have firmly switched his allegiance to the Exterminators, because he immediately runs to Spencer and GM and tells them the entire plan.

They all agree that Andy and Judd should still vote Amanda out and if the vote is a tie, GM will send her packing.

It’s a bold move on Elissa’s part because she really doesn’t have much of an alliance in the house. The Exterminators are already talking about who to target next — Elissa, McCrae, or even Judd (Spencer and Andy are ready to turn on Judd at a moment’s notice).

This Thursday’s episode should be action-packed. We might have our first HOH tiebreaker and then it’ll be a free-for-all as everyone scrambles during the double eviction. Once again, the HOH competition is huge. Both Elissa and McCrae are in some trouble if they don’t win it.

What do you think, hamster fans?

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