mccrae elissa big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Elissa keeps shaking up the house, whether she means to or notTime for the America’s nomination to take center stage on “Big Brother 15,” which a lot of people could not believe when they saw it on the live feeds, but as we’ll explain — it actually makes a lot of sense.

Post Nominations

Judd is looking out for himself, which is what you should do. We’re proud of him for not giving into Amanda’s pressure to go after Howard. Not that Amanda doesn’t have a point, but she can do it her own darn self.

Psst, Aaryn — Judd is not the one making you look sketchy, sweetie. But Judd plays her like a violin, assuring her that she’ll come off the block if he wins Veto. Dude, everybody loves and trusts Judd. He’s got his own Judd Mist going on and he’ll probably ride it to half a million dollars.

The MVP Nomination

Wow, they’re really putting this out of order. Elissa gets her MVP nom the night after the HOH competition. She knows she’s MVP before there are even nominations, so Elissa being paranoid and weird happened the very night of Jeremy’s eviction.

Also, her behavior had people in the house suspicious that production told her the twist and she couldn’t tell anybody. We don’t know if that’s true or not, because she does manage to never tell anybody it’s America, if she knew that.

What Elissa does tell people is that she’s not MVP this week, which Amanda says means Elissa is no longer of any use to her. Meanwhile, Spencer and Howard are way nervous about McCranda and Elissa being in the house. Well, win HOH, doofs, and you can do something about that. Until then …

Howard and Spencer start making alliances with every person in the house. Seriously. They don’t show all the alliances being made, but Spoward is making deals left, right and center. The alliance that gets the focus is their five-person alliance with the two of them, Judd, GM and Kaitlin. Though none of them know that Judd isn’t really down with them and is actually loyal to McMandy.

Kaitlin actually says they’ll have the votes just with the five of them. Um, do you need to get your fingers out? Judd doesn’t have a vote and you’re on the block, lady. That’s only three votes. Who else are you going to bring in on this little alliance, hmm?

Meanwhile, a crew in the lounge is pretty sure that America is the MVP and makes the third nomination. Ding ding ding! Helen and Andy are pretty smart. Candice, meanwhile, takes a minute to catch on. Goodness.

The MVP nomination is revealed … and everybody is pretty surprised it’s Elissa. Here’s why they (and you) shouldn’t be. Let’s say there are 1000 fans voting for MVP. Normally, all the Rachel fans get together (let’s say half, 500) and vote Elissa MVP, while the remaining 500 split their votes between everybody else in the house. Now, the Rachel haters all nominated Elissa and the 500 Rachel fans split their votes between the rest of the house.

Anything you see online about Elissa fans being confused and voting her up when they thought they were actually voting her MVP? Maybe, but we don’t actually think that’s the main reason. The main reason is one person versus all the other houseguests — she has the numbers to pretty much always be MVP or always be America’s nom due to how polarizing her sister was. Unless American can rally behind one other person and not split their votes, no one else will be MVP or America’s nom as long as she’s in the house.

Now, Elissa being nominated throws the house into some delightful paranoia and suspicion, so that’s always fun.

The Power of Veto Competition

The people drawn to play are McCrae and Helen, with Andy chosen to host. But before the competition, Elissa is talking about wanting to go home, while she thinks GM is the MVP who nominated her. GM swears on the Bible that it’s not her (which may come back around if they edit some stuff in for tomorrow’s show).

The competition is digging through mud for “votes” and the candidate with the most votes wins. You can also win rewards/punishments that are attached to the votes. You can only keep four tiles with votes on them.

Now, we saw competitors on the live feeds talking about how this competition was so rigged for Elissa because high-point tiles were in her “lane.” However, this appears to be one giant pit that they all get to rifle through willy-nilly, so we call shenanigans at that.

McCrae takes $5000 in exchange for a tile with no votes. Judd takes 24-hour solitary in exchange for 18 votes, while Elissa can’t play in next week’s POV for 20 votes, then Helen takes 10 votes in exchange for an 8 p.m. curfew for the next two nights. So, everybody target Elissa next week, right?

Aaryn is trying very hard not to get mud on her face — guess you really want that POV, huh? But she does admit that she’s nothing without her face, so.

The totals end up being Helen 29, Kaitlin 25, McCrae 20 plus $5000, Aaryn 32, Judd 38 and Elissa 40 votes. Seriously, it’s annoying that she won, but we don’t think the show cheated for her. Anybody could’ve found the high-vote tiles, it was a giant pool of mud.

The Shenanigans

Before the ceremony, it’s time for Judd’s solitary. Poor Judd. That alarm would keep me awake all night long. There’s no way I could sleep through it. And then it’s time for Amanda’s stripper routine for McCrae’s birthday — which Elissa is pretty snotty about.

However, as we addressed when this happened on the live feeds, Amanda was calling herself slutty and a stripper and all this stuff. So while Elissa is being a jerk, Amanda kind of overreacts to it. Slutty dominatrix is what you were going for, so you can’t cry foul when someone says you look slutty. Though Elissa did suck all the fun right out of something that was supposed to be fun — McCrae hits the nail on the head when he says Elissa didn’t like someone else getting all the attention.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Elissa takes herself off, of course, so now we get to watch the TV screen tell us who is nominated in her place … GinaMarie! Not a big shock. Honestly, we would wager a guess (because of the math we explained earlier) that Elissa actually got the most America’s votes for this, then Aaryn was second (and couldn’t go up because she already was) and GinaMarie was third.

This week, the house just continues to be bonkers. Say what you will about these guys, but they are not boring. Sign up for the live feeds to watch all the ridiculousness, and join me back here Thursday night for our weekly eviction live blog.

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