judd mccrae big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Endurance competition on the horizonAfter some fireworks earlier in the week in the “Big Brother 15” house, things have quieted down some. Howard thinks he’s working on flipping people to vote our Amanda, but he’s not. Howard is pretty much a done deal at this point to go home.

But in other news, the majority alliance (led by Helen and McCranda) is getting super suspicious of Judd. They all think he’s some kind of evil genius, which — on the one hand, compared to this group of hamsters, he kind of is, but on the other hand, no. Judd is playing a solid social game, but he’s not some kind of evil genius.

The evil genius is really Helen, but nobody is seeing that yet.

In other Judd news, Aaryn is feeling lonely, so she’s kind of been making a move on him. In between bouts of paranoia about his evil genius-ness, of course. So, look for that to maybe come to a head in the house, because he’s been pretty snuggly with Jessie and we can only imagine how well that will go over with Jessie.

And finally, get ready for tonight fans — the hamsters have been on indoor lockdoor since 5 a.m. PT on Wednesday, so it is most definitely going to be an endurance competition tonight. Our money’s on Helen, just putting that out there.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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