ginamarie froyo big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': GinaMarie deep throats some froyo and there are also nominationsTime to find out who Judd has nominated in the “Big Brother 15” house — though the America’s MVP thing won’t be included until Wednesday, which is a shame. Of course, you can always sign up for the live feeds to find out what’s happening.

The previouslies act like Howard and Candice’s showmance just started. Don’t be fooled — that started nearly two weeks ago. Like we’ve said, the live feeds are where it’s at, people.

Jeremy’s Funeral

Kaitlin feels bad about Jeremy’s ouster, but she loses us when she says he “deserves” it more. You don’t deserve it if you get evicted! The ones who deserve it are the ones who don’t get booted out on their butts. Just because he’s unemployed does not mean he’s more deserving than other players.

Thankfully, Kaitlin holds herself together pretty well. We did not need another GinaMarie.

Judd’s Reign Begins

Most of the house is pretty pleased about Judd winning HOH. But the Mean Girls are sweatin’ it, or as GinaMarie puts it — she might have to, we don’t know, give Judd a handy in the Diary Room in order to stay. She’s gross.

Kaitlin thinks the house “owes” her because of what they “just put her through.” Um, no, dummy. The house doesn’t owe you anything. You should’ve won that HOH if you wanted to have an easy week.

Meanwhile, Amanda is getting a little entitled too, thinking that Judd “always has to come home to where his bread is buttered,” which is a weird mixed metaphor, but we get what she’s talking about — she wants Judd to do her dirty work. Luckily, he’s smart enough to recognize that he can do what he wants.

His HOH reveal is enjoyed by all, because Judd is extremely well-liked in the house. And his letter from his dad makes everybody cry. *sniffle*

Later, How/Spence/Eli/Judd talk about nominating the Mean Girls and Howard rightly says Kaitlin is the biggest threat. She’s a competitor and she’s 1000x smarter than GM and Aaryn (probably combined).

English Language 101

So, this is funny because GinaMarie does say the craziest stuff, but on the other hand, she is a byproduct of not the greatest education and that is a personal subject with her. Elissa once asked her, “What college did you go to?” and Elissa didn’t mean anything by it — in Elissa’s world, everyone goes to college. But it really upset GinaMarie because she didn’t go to college. So, it kind of seems mean to pick on her this way. At least they mostly just show some funny stuff and then it’s over.

“New” Showmance

Howard and Candice have gotten a little snuggly in the house, though they aren’t getting down ‘n dirty like Jeremy and Kaitlin were, or McCrae and Amanda are.

Speaking of showmances, the widows are hanging out lamenting their dead lovers. GinaMarie is trying to bring Kaitlin over to the dark side, saying they can find Jeremy’s cologne and she can smell it. Not as weird as keeping Nick’s empty cereal box next to your bed, but kinda weird.

Have Not Competition

The teams are McCrae/Howard/Amanda/Elissa, Candice/Jessie/Spencer/Andy, and the Mean Girls plus Helen. The teams have to eat froyo (vanilla/chocolate twist and anchovy/habanero twist) and the team that gains the least weight is the Have Nots. Yikes.

The McCrae teams starts at 635.4 lbs, the Andy team starts at 704.4 lbs, and the Mean Girls start at 507.6 lbs. Howard’s description of the anchovy and habanero froyo is hilarious, while GinaMarie is, like, guzzling the froyo. It’s terrifying. The photo above does not do it justice. We’ll add a GIF as soon as we have it.

The Andy team gains 11 lbs, the Mean Girls gain 13.2 pounds (HOLY BALLS) and the McCrae team gains 12.9 lbs, so Andy/Spencer/Jessie/Candice are the Have Nots. Meanwhile, GinaMarie has a belly like when you feed a stray kitten and they eat too much. That girl put that yogurt AWAY.

The Nominees/MVP Twist

Amanda goes to serious work on Judd about putting up Howard, Candice or Spencer. McCranda was majorly gunning for Howard this week, but Judd wanted to play his own game. As he says, it’s easy for Amanda to tell him what to do — she’s not HOH.

Howard decides it’s time to start making a relationship with Elissa, so she teaches him yoga. Heh. That was a fun diversion.

Talk turns to the MVP twist in the HOH room. Judd says GM and Kaitlin are his targets, but Elissa says nominating GM is a waste of an HOH. She’s not wrong, GM is not a threat right now (except, apparently, in froyo-eating contests).

Judd thinks Aaryn is a ticking timebomb and that’s why you keep her in the house, which he’s not wrong about. I would LOVE to be sitting next to Aaryn at the end, are you kidding? Everyone pretty much hates her.

McCranda privately talks to Andy about how the house wants Howard gone. Uh, not exactly. Some of you do. And if Amanda wants Howard out so badly, she can do it when she wins HOH.

Andy rightly says that Amanda is playing way too aggressively about this. She really is. You gotta plant seeds, not strong-arm people. Dial it back, Amanda.

In the end, Judd sticks with his plan and nominates Kaitlin and Aaryn. Kaitlin laments being dragged down by being aligned with GM and Aaryn. Um, then get some new friends, dummy.

Who will get the third nomination from America? Who will win POV? Tune in Wednesday, or if you don’t want to wait, sign up for the live feeds.

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