big-brother-15-HOH-endurance-BBQ.jpg“Big Brother 15” is busting out the big guns early — the second Head of Household of the season is an endurance competition. It’s the one where the houseguests have to walk back and forth and fill a jug with liquid in order to grab a ping pong ball.

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The twist in this competition is that they are competing in pairs. The pairs are Kaitlin/Amanda, Candice/GinaMarie, Elissa/Andy, Spencer/Helen, Howard/Jessie, Jeremy/Aaryn and Judd/Nick.

The two jugs are this — the big one has the pingpong ball, the small one unlocks bigger cups to use to scoop barbecue sauce. So, do you go for the smaller jug and get the bigger cups, then start working on the big jug? Or do you just work on the big jug from the get-go?

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9:02 — The feeds are still on music and trivia.

— Feeds still not back yet. Hopefully soon.

9:17 — No feeds. This is really obnoxious, CBS.

9:23 — Still no feeds. Feel free to direct your complaints to @CBSBigBrother or on the website.

9:30 — We have audio on the feeds, but no video yet. It doesn’t sound as though anyone has won or anything.

9:32 — And the audio cuts out, back to trivia.

9:33 — Feeds back, with video! A novel idea. So, Amanda and Kaitlin seem to be doing really well, while Nick and Judd filled up their small jug in order to get the bigger cups and are just starting on their bigger jug. Andy/Elissa are actually quite far as well.

9:36 — Jeremy and Aaryn actually have the most, it looks like. Well, that is disappointing.


9:38 — Spencer/Helen and Candice/GM are way behind. We haven’t seen Howard/Jessie’s jug yet.

9:39 — Aaryn can be heard whispering “shady f***s” about Elissa and Andy. Because she’s delightful, have you heard? While Nick/Judd are really making progress now that they have the bigger scoop.

9:43 — The feeds are out and we suspect it’s because Howard fell hard and the medical team is looking at him. They may pause the competition when something like that happens.

— Feeds back. Jeremy/Aaryn leading, with Andy/Elissa right on their heels. Nick/Judd have done some serious catching up with the bigger scoop. This should be a close one.

9:52 — Actually, based on how much ground they’ve made up, I predict Nick and Judd will pull this out. But time will tell. Sign up for the live feeds to follow along for yourself, because we do have to figure out who is HOH out of the pair that wins.

9:54 — CBS has clarified the rules to the HOH comp. HGs have been randomly paired up. The winning pair must decide which person among them will become HOH.

9:55 — Howard/Jessie also went for the bigger scoop and are quickly closing the gap as well. Interesting. Looks like the large scoop was the way to go in this competition.

10:00 — It sounds like Elissa/Andy have taken the lead. Jeremy is reaching for his ping pong ball — they made a huge tactical error by not having Aaryn in second, her hands are smaller.

10:01 — Andy can touch the ping pong ball he says, can they pull it out? Will Jeremy having long fingers help him? I maintain smaller hands are an advantage.

— Jeremy pulled out the ping pong ball. Guess I was wrong about the hands. That … is disappointing. Who do you think will be HOH, him or Aaryn?

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