head of household competition week 5 'Big Brother 15': Head of Household competition preview and general chit chatThe feeds weren’t overly exciting Wednesday night (July 24) in the “Big Brother 15” house, but one thing we were treated to was practice for tonight’s Head of Household competition. Read on to find out how it went, or just sign up for the live feeds — Thursday nights are always fun.

The HOH competition is a ramp that the contestants roll balls down (trying to avoid buckets placed in the ramp as obstacles) and into a turning platform at the bottom, where it appears they try to make their ball land in other buckets? It’s not entirely clear, but you get the idea from the picture above.

After practice time, based on what people were saying in the house, Aaryn and Andy were doing really well at the competition. So, are we in for another Aaryn HOH week? At least that would spice things up.

As it stands, she’s probably staying. The house seems to have come around on wanting Kaitlin out — some HGs because they actually want to vote her out and some HGs because they’re scared to go against the majority.

They can’t flat-out tell Kaitlin she’s going home, but Judd is going to “prepare her” for leaving. So, not a lot of suspense tonight. But that’s the smartest game move based on who is on the block. Aaryn might win HOH tonight, but she might not and she definitely doesn’t seem as strong a competitor as Kaitlin.

Meanwhile, talk got very sexual in the Head of Household room, with Spencer being his usual weird/pervy self. Seriously, this guys is bizarre. He previously told Jessie he thinks her ladyparts taste like butterscotch and then later he was asking Andy if he cries after sex because of the “butt pain.” When Judd goes, “Leave it to Spencer to bring it to that level,” Spencer responds, “We all f***ing know how they do it.”

Spencer is seriously kind of creepy, especially towards Jessie.

But he’s not the only one. Amanda was being pretty raunchy, talking about something a woman does sometimes that I’m pretty sure I can’t mention here — but it rhymes with “hurting.”

She also said to McCrae, in keeping with the Jessie-tastes-like-butterscotch motif, that Howard tastes like watermelon and cocoa and Helen tastes like won-ton soup and egg rolls.

C’mon, Amanda.

But the gem of the night definitely came courtesy of Aaryn, who, when the HOH room was joking around about her making an eviction speech saying she doesn’t like people because of their races, says this: “People are so sensitive. That’s what needs to change” and Amanda goes, “I concur.”

Yes. That’s what needs to change. *headsmack* Just in case you think that’s what really needs to change, below is the supercut of all these people and their ridiculous racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments.

Anyway, get ready for a fun-filled HOH competition tonight and sign up for the live feeds to watch the reaction in the house after a new one is crowned.

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