elissa helen big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Helen may be done forIt’s time for the Sunday episode of “Big Brother 15,” which Andy and McCrae decided on the live feeds last night is the most boring of the three broadcasts. We cannot disagree.

Post Eviction/HOH

Amanda’s pretty proud of herself for getting Jessie out. Yeah, she’s running the game and she’s pretty funny. But she’s also kind of a gross person and is getting the world’s best edit by CBS since Jeff played this game, so we just can’t root for Amanda.

Aaryn is the HOH for roughly the 26th time this summer, though Amanda was thisclose to winning it — and by “thisclose,” we mean nobody picked her to do a face off until the end of the comp, then her boyfriend threw it to her, then Aaryn waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and finally had to ring in because Amanda’s too dumb to win an HOH even when it is handed to her on a silver platter.

However, this awesomely leads to the best post-challenge meltdown we’ve seen since Rachel Reilly crying in the bushes. Amanda freaks out just because McCrae was commenting that he’d feel safer if Amanda was HOH instead of Aaryn. Um, crazy girlfriend alert, McCrae!

Amanda’s best course of action is to cry behind the recycling bin in the storage room while the BB editors play some lovely, jaunty music. Well done, editors. Meanwhile, GM and Spencer talk about how Amanda will ruin McCrae’s life outside this house. Ha! We totally missed that on the feeds, we were too busy watching Amanda cry in the storage room.

And Elissa proves she’s got a better handle on the temperature of the house than Helen does, because she thinks Aaryn will put Helen against Elissa on the block with Elissa as the target. Spoiler alert — ding ding ding!

Helen, conversely, has played such a great game so far and yet in the past week, she has completely lost her grasp on what is going on in the house. It’s really surprising how in the dark she is about which way the wind is blowing.

Amanda finally comes around to realize that it’s better she didn’t win HOH — now Aaryn has to do her dirty work for the good of the 3 a.m. alliance. Seriously, McCranda are sitting so pretty in this game.

The 3 a.m. Alliance

The editors must’ve been positively squealing with glee when the 3 a.m. alliance decided to make names for themselves. Amanda is the Mastermind, Andy is the Agent, Aaryn is the Beast and McCrae is the Enforcer, which doesn’t really make any sense, but whatever. Also, it’s kind of delightful that Aaryn is “the beast.”

Now we get Aaryn’s HOH room reveal and everybody is hilariously exclaiming over Aaryn’s pictures with various farm animals, while Amanda pouts some more. I don’t enjoy the over-use (and misuse) of the word “literally,” but Andy saying Amanda is “literally green with envy” when she has a green mud mask on her face? Awesome.

Later, Helen advises Elissa to play nice with Aaryn this week and while that’s good advice, it’s pretty much a lost cause at this point. Who else is Aaryn going to put up? Elissa and Spencer are the obvious choices (Helen isn’t obvious because she and Aaryn are tight), but Elissa doesn’t really need to play nice. She needs to look ahead to Power of Veto, Helen.

But Helen is dead-set on being Miss Congeniality of the BB house, which is a valid strategy, but not necessarily for someone like Elissa — like how she says if she gets evicted, she’s leaving the game permanently and not going to the jury house. Helen cries about how unfair that is and while we don’t necessarily think that’s unfair to Helen (it’s not all about you), that’s a chicken-poop way to play. Say what you will about Rachel Reilly, but she would NEVER self-evict.

But Helen then not only cries about it to the HOH room, but she reveals Elissa’s intentions to all of them and that just fuels their Elissa hate. That is not the right move if you want to try to get allies for your side, Helen. You suck that crap up and you go to work trying to cement an alliance, dummy.

They comment that Rachel would be so disappointed in her and while that’s true, it’s not necessarily a pox upon the Reilly house. Let’s not be so dramatic.

And Amanda smugs, “Helen, don’t cry. Elissa’s not the target, you are. Silly girl.” Once again, Amanda is getting the BEST edit by CBS and it’s kind of nauseating.

Have Not Competition

This is a rather awesome competition that puts them four-on-four crawling around in the dark room looking for a giant plastic key to unlock the button that stops the timer. It’s Helen/GM/Elissa/Amanda versus McCrae/Andy/Spencer/Aaryn.

It’s all elementary-school-haunted-house stuff, but they can’t see anything. Best competition ever, BB guys. In the end, it seems like McCrae’s team found the key a lot faster but had more trouble getting out. However, that is just editing because they end up beating GM’s team by nearly four minutes. Wow.

Spencer goes, “The green team got hit by the Spencer Train,” which is one of the most terrifying things we’ve ever heard.

The Nominations

There’s a weird “GM learns about Helen’s parents” segment, zzzzz.

But now we’re on to Elissa trying to make good with Aaryn, but it’s completely devolves into an Elissa-rambles-incoherently time while Aaryn sits there as her eyes glass over. Elissa really has no idea how to play this game. She escaped the first few weeks because Amanda decided they needed to keep her around as MVP and then she just stopped making waves.

It’s a shame Helen is going to feel the brunt of this week when she’s such a better gamer than Elissa. But Helen should’ve shored up Andy and Aaryn before Amanda her claws in them.

Helen does talk to Aaryn about understanding that she has to go up in order to target Elissa and Aaryn nods along — at this point, Elissa was still the targetfor Aaryn. Aaryn DRs that Helen is a huge threat to get out, but that’s from later in the week. Initially, Aaryn was really targeting Elissa and Amanda just figured that they’d get Helen out with or without Aaryn’s help (since HOH doesn’t vote anyway).

Now, if I were Aaryn, I would not damage the Helen relationship and she would be sitting very pretty to win the whole thing. She’s got 3 a.m. to take her along, plus Helen thinks she’s the sweetest girl. But if Aaryn aids in getting Helen out, that’s maybe a vote that turns against her. I would’ve made McCranda do their own dirty work (knowing if Helen wins HOH, she won’t come after me) and nominated Elissa and Spencer.

Yes, there’s always a chance Helen wins POV and pulls Elissa off, but I bet you anything if that had happened, Helen could’ve easily been convinced not to use POV. Elissa’s just too damaging to her game and Helen sees that now.

Anyway, not that I’m rooting for Aaryn, but as HOH this week, I think she could’ve set herself up much better than she has.

As it stands, Elissa and Helen are on the block and this week’s POV becomes very important. If Helen doesn’t win, she’s toast (though she doesn’t know that), which is a shame because Helen is one of the few good people left in this house.

What do you think, can Helen pull it off?

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