andy elissa big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Is there a blindside coming?The nominees are set in the “Big Brother 15” house for Week 4. Read on to find out who is most likely going home, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch the wheeling and dealing for yourself.

Last night on the live feeds, Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Andy came together to basically decide that Kaitlin needs to go. The reasons are two-fold.

First, Kaitlin is the strongest competitor on the block. As we’ve said several times, she’s much smarter than Aaryn or GinaMarie and has done well in challenges so far. Secondly, Aaryn has promised Helen and Amanda that if they keep her safe, she’ll vote how they want her to vote, or she’ll nominate who they want her to nominate if she wins HOH.

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Now, there are 13 hamsters left and only nine votes this week, so Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Helen and Jessie are enough to evict Kaitlin. Howard and Spencer are not being let in on the plan (at least, they weren’t) because they are everybody’s targets for next week.

Howard and Spencer have made deals with pretty much every single houseguest and the houseguests talk, so now nobody trusts them.

Candice is also not being told because she’s so clingy with Howard and Elissa will probably never vote Kaitlin out because she hates Aaryn so much.

Which, honestly, is terrible game play on Elissa’s part, but good for everyone else. As long as Elissa hates Aaryn (and Aaryn remains in the house), nobody else is Elissa’s target.

However, after the plan was devised and agreed upon, Judd later basically told Howard and Spencer what’s going on. Then Spencer went and told GinaMarie.

So, will it be a blindside? Probably not, because nobody can keep their darn mouth shut in this house. We’re assuming someone will spill the beans to Kaitlin before Thursday. However, as of right now, Kaitlin thinks she is safe and Aaryn is going home.

It’s good game play to get Kaitlin out over the other two who are on the block, though it kind of makes for a boring couple of days until Thursday night. The next Head of Household competition is pretty huge, though, because there are definitely very distinct factions in the house.

We kind of hope Jessie randomly wins it, that would be pretty funny.

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