amanda stripper big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': More ugliness, Amanda's dominatrix act for McCrae's birthday and moreThese people in the “Big Brother 15” house, they just don’t seem to take the hint. Read on to find out what shenanigans they were up to in the house last night, or just sign up for the live feeds to follow all the craziness for yourself.

July 21 is McCrae’s 24th birthday, so to celebrate, Amanda decided she was going to dress up like a dominatrix and give him (and the houseguests) a show at midnight. She donned a black swimsuit, leg warmers, high heels and carried a “whip” made out of a spoon with ribbons tied on the handle.

Then in the HOH room (while poor HOH Judd is in solitary confinement, as his punishment from the Power of Veto comp), Amanda came in with a routine that was akin to every bachelor party that’s ever been on TV or in a movie — “I hear it’s your birthday! … Someone’s been naughty!” etc., etc.

She did a little dance, kissed McCrae 24 times on his stomach and chest, then gave him 24 spankings with the spoon while everybody else counted and cheered.

However, things turned sour for Amanda later when she began crying about how mean Elissa was to her about it all. (And we would like to add that both Amanda’s and Elissa’s behavior was heavily influenced by the alcohol they received).

Amanda was saying that Elissa called her slutty and a whore and a stripper. Now, we can only find this from Elissa: 

A one-piece bathing suit, who makes a one-piece bathing suit. … I’m not trying to be mean to anyone who likes one pieces, but I could not do it. … Did you do a Cindy Crawford mole on purpose? It’s pretty funny. … I’ve always wanted to be Cindy Crawford, too. … This is like the sexiest ‘Big Brother’ there’s ever been. … Amanda, things just got X-rated. … You look like you’re working at the Spearmint Rhino. I mean, I’ve never even been, but I imagine what it would be like.

The Spearmint Rhino is a strip club in Las Vegas, just FYI. Anyway, if Elissa made the other comments, we can’t find them on the live feeds. But either way, Amanda was crying and wondering why she has protected someone like Elissa.

In Amanda’s defense, Elissa has a very particular way of speaking (the pace and inflection in her voice) that makes it sound like she’s paying Amanda a lot of back-handed compliments (and some of them straight-up are) and being passive-aggressively mean.

Later, this exchange took place:

Elissa: You guys, if I see [McCrae lick whipped cream off Amanda], I’m going to vomit. I’m not trying to be mean, Amanda.”
Amanda: “That sounds a little mean.”
Elissa: “That’s pretty frickin’ gross.”
Amanda: “Well, that’s a way to turn a fun time into a not-fun time.”
Elissa: “I’m just kidding. Amanda, you know I’m kidding.”

Then Amanda was crying int he bathroom about it: “She’s being super nasty. … You look like a spearmint rhino, you look like a stripper. We’re having fun! She’s being super hurtful.”

But in Elissa’s defense, Amanda was doing a total stripper routine (without taking off her clothes) and Amanda herself even said she looked slutty. It’s what she was going for! It was the point of the whole exercise.

Is it just one of those things where Amanda can say it about herself, but someone else can’t say it? Probably.

Either way, the racism, homophobia and misogyny continues to rear its ugly head, which is kind of mind-boggling since it is so obvious the house has been warned about the way they are coming across to us viewers.

Last night alone, Spencer called Helen “Helen Kim Jong Il,” Amanda called Helen the c-word, Candice said, “No homo,” and GinaMarie (who is the absolute worst, you guys) said this about Candice:

“F***ing Candice. Can’t stand that b****. Howard don’t like your f***ing fat, skanky ass. ‘I’m so white, but I’m so black. Oh my god, I don’t know what to be.'”

In game news, well, everybody suspects Elissa self-nominated as MVP and then had an advantage in the Power of Veto competition by having all the higher-point disks in her lane (we aren’t entirely sure what that means since we haven’t seen the comp yet, but people are crying foul about her advantage).

Several people in the house, though, think maybe America nominated the third person, but since it was Elissa (the three-time MVP), they don’t think that can be right. A lot of people online think voters thought they were voting for MVP instead of a nominee and that’s how Elissa got put on the block.

Either way, we’re excited to see who the next vote-getter is behind Elissa (or Aaryn, or Kaitlin, whoever is next in line), assuming Elissa takes herself off the block. The Power of Veto ceremony might be today, but a lot of people think it’ll be tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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