big brother 15 houseguests 'Big Brother 15' premiere live blog: 1st Head of Household is ...It’s that time again, hamster fans! “Big Brother” is here to take over our lives for the next three months. As always, we’ll be here with all the latest from inside the house, but if you’d like to follow along for yourself, sign up for the live feeds.

Either way, Wednesday night marks the first broadcast episode, which should be chock full of goodies since the houseguests have been inside the house for nearly a week.

So, follow along here starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT with our premiere live blog for all our thoughts about the houseguests — and check out our “Big Brother” odds to find out who we think is going to go all the way for Season 15.

All times Eastern.

8:00 — Here we go! We haven’t been this excited about a cast in a while, so we hope the season lives up to our excitement.

8:01 — Doesn’t Julie Chen looking fetching in her pink twirly dress? Rowr, Julie.

8:02 — So, we meet Aaryn, Nick, Helen and Spencer. We can tell you — we really liked Helen and Spencer. Nick was a bit much (he’s very hyper and intense). Aaryn was kind of dumb.

8:03 — We meet David, Elissa, Andy and Kaitlin. Elissa was OK, Kaitlin was super-sweet, David might honestly be the most annoying person we’ve ever met in our entire lives. Whereas Andy was hilarious and we loved him to death.

8:04 — We meet McCrae, GinaMarie, Howard and  . McCrae we did not meet, but GinaMarie was annoying like a Cheri Oteri character come to life. Howard was super nice, though kind of quiet, while Jessie was very blah for us, though we heard from others that she was awesome. Eh. We’re not sold on Jessie.

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8:07 — We meet Amanda, Jeremy, Judd and Candice. Jeremy is kind of a big doof, but very sweet. Amanda may look like a bimbo, but she’s not. She’s pretty smart. Candice was a sweetie and could do well if she gets her head in the game. Judd was another big doof, but also very nice.

— Elissa better not be bringing that vision board with her. It took us about three seconds to think, ‘Wow, she looks like Rachel.’ The houseguests certainly don’t need visual help.

8:11 — House time! GinaMarie loses her mind, which we expected. Why does Judd try to grab her? Was he going for a hug? What was that?

8:12 — Poor, awkward McCrae. This is a very pretty cast, especially the women.

8:13 — Elissa starts working on her all-girl alliance she told us about. Hmm. Something tells us this alliance will be no more by the time the live feeds start tonight. Also, Jessie? After meeting you all in person, Kaitlin and Aaryn are both prettier than you, if you must make it an issue.

— Judd’s assertion that David is the dumbest guy in the house is spot-on. The intros come to a screeching halt when he takes his turn, because he is a total doof.

8:18 — Jeremy is super hot like Taylor Lautner? Hmm. Disagree, but it was Jessie. We’ve already disagreed with her opinion about who is the hottest.

8:19 — If Kaitlin and Andy get in a gaymance, I will seriously die. I adored both of them.

8:20 — Jeremy is the right, Kaitlin is the hottest.

8:20 — David is smitten with Aaryn, which makes sense because she looks the most like him and he’s a huge narcissist. Also, be prepared to hear him say “right off the back” all the time because he did that twice in our interview with him. Like we said — dumb.

8:24 — Howard, Jeremy and Spencer start chatting, which is an alliance I can get behind. Really, really liked Howard and Spencer.

8:25 — Jessie continues to show that she’s an idiot by wanting to team up wtih David and Jeremy. Jeremy’s OK, but he can’t be the brains of the operation and that’s what will happen in this alliance. And Jessie’s high opinion of herself already makes me want to punch her in the face.

8:26 — Hilariously, Jeremy forms a second “secret” alliance almost immediately. Yeah, that should end well.

8:27 — “Poor, awkward McCrae” should just be on whatever the equivalent of my keyboard’s “speed dial” is.

8:28 — Whoa, twist! The HOH won’t nominate the three nominees. The HOH will only nominate two people, as usual. Which means America is in charge of the third. Lordy. That is terrible. It would be SO much more interesting if the HOH had to nominate three people.

— Head of Household competition time. Each houseguest will hang on to a cloth popsicle for as long as possible.

8:34 — Howard is out and says he didnt’ want to come across as too big of a threat. Um, dude. You are JACKED. You are going to be seen as a huge threat either way. Wait ’til they figure out you played college football.

8:35 — So, Judd, Howard and Candice are out early and they start discussing how Elissa has to be Rachel Reilly’s sister. Yeah, it’s super obvious.

8:36 — The next two to fall are Amanda and Spencer, followed by Helen, Jessie, Elissa, GinaMarie, Andy and Kaitlin. Nick, meanwhile, looks cool as a cucumber.

8:42 — Aaryn, Nick, McCrae, Jeremy and David are left, ’til Aaryn quickly drops.

8:44 — Andy rightly points out that these four guys are maybe taking this HOH too seriously. It’s not always good to seem like you’re a total gunner right out of the gate.

8:45 — There are two lunchpails available for the next two who drop, now that we’re almost at the 4-hour mark. One contains a never-not pass (not to be confused with a never-nude pass). It means you’re never a Have Not all summer. But it’s only in one lunchpail.

8:46 — David drops and doesn’t get the never-not pass, so now whoever drops will get it automatically. Jeremy’s Cherokee spirit tells him that’s the way to go, so he drops and takes the never-not pass, which is admittedly a pretty sweet prize.

8:47 — McCrae is the first Head of Household, which honestly is the best outcome for him. He is the odd man out in the house and will need time to make friends, otherwise he’d be really easy pickin’s for the first guy out the door. And he hung on for over four hours, so that’s boss work right there.

8:51 — We find out that the weekly MVP is the one nominating the third nominee. Well, at least it’s not America. America picks the MVP, but still — it’s better this way. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

8:53 — I was initially against the MVP idea because I felt like America could out a really good player who is playing a very sneak game. But the MVP is anonymous! So he or she can keep it quiet and then nominate in secret. That’s OUTSTANDING. I take it back, “Big Brother.” The twists this year are AWESOME.

8:55 — Oh my god, y’all. I’m suddenly even more excited about this summer. I can’t believe it took “Big Brother” this long to come up with twists this good.

8:57 — The li
ve feeds start in just three hours and we can’t wait to see who is nominated. Come back to Zap2it for a live blog once the feeds are up and running, or just sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 15' premiere live blog: 1st Head of Household is ... to follow along on your own.

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