big brother 15 media day julie chen 'Big Brother 15' press day recap: Dan Gheesling hosts HOH, plus what's changed in the house?

By now fans have seen the house tour and read through interviews with all of the new house guests for season 15 of “Big Brother.” Those same fans are also well aware of the new twists, including three nominations a week and America choosing the “Big Brother MVP.”
Before all of that was announced, Zap2it was invited to participate in “Big Brother’s” annual press day. Several members of the media are invited into the “Big Brother” house every year to be among the first people to check out the new design, and spend a day playing the game.
Now that photos of the house have been released, most fans know exactly what to expect from this year’s setting. A lot of the house’s decoration has a bit of a retro feel to it, right down to the typewriter and old telephone on the desk in the living room. As of press day, the phone wasn’t connected to anything. However, those who tuned into “Big Brother Canada” may remember how important a phone became in the game, as it issued challenges to individual house guests.

big brother 15 media day photo booth 'Big Brother 15' press day recap: Dan Gheesling hosts HOH, plus what's changed in the house?

Other parts of the house seem more geared toward travel. From a room with a jet-setting theme, which features model jets and a cocktail cart, to the walls outside of the HOH room containing a large photo of the Los Angeles International Airport. While most of the house is the same as it was during press day, there was one distinct change in the jet-setter room. Originally the room had a photo booth (pictures at left). While it wasn’t hooked up, most assumed it would be by the time the house guests moved in, leading to random pictures all Summer long. When photos of the house were released, the booth was gone.

The house also features a newly-designed kitchen. For years the kitchen has largely retained the same shape and counter space. This year the counters have been replaced by a large sweeping arrow, another image repeated throughout the house. There’s also a new island on the edge of the kitchen, for dining.
As for competing in the house, people quickly shift into “game mode” once they walk through the door. Even though the press is only there for a day, no one wants to be the person evicted. 
Just like on the show, the day starts off with everyone rushing to look for a bed, before gathering around to introduce yourselves. This year one of the media representatives was actually the winner of “Big Brother Canada,” Jillian MacLaughlin.

The big surprise of the game was an appearance by “Big Brother 10” winner, and “Big Brother 14” runner up, Dan Gheesling. Dan showed up to host the Head of Household competition, but not before wreaking a little havoc on someone’s game. Dan told the house guests he was there to take send someone out, asking for ideas on who should go. Matt, a writer for Yahoo, boldly stated he wanted Jillian gone.
That wasn’t meant to be, as Jillian continued her “Big Brother Canada” winning streak, taking the HOH competition. Her first duty was to assign have nots for the day, who could only eat slop. Slop tastes about as good as it sounds. It looks like oatmeal, but somehow managed to be dry, chewy, slimy and gritty all at once. When nominations rolled around, it was no surprise when Matt ended up on the block against Kerry, a producer for a local CBS affiliate, leaving only the Power of Veto competition to save himself.
This is where things got messy. To win the Power of Veto, you had to fish puzzle pieces out of giant bowls of chili, using nothing more than your head and mouth, then solve the puzzle. Unfortunately for Matt, Zap2it represented well and won the Power of Veto while teamed with Jillian, even if she had to dunk her head in all 12 bowls for no reason.
As the day started coming to a close and the veto was used to save Kerry from the block, the jig was up for Matt. He was booted from the house by a vote of 5 to 1, ending the “Big Brother 15” press day.
Below you’ll find videos of the day’s highlights, but that’s just a small taste of what to expect from the new season of “Big Brother,” which begins Wednesday, June 26 on CBS.

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